finally, a post!

Whew! It's been somewhat of a whirlwind the last couple of weeks moving back to Ohio, unpacking and doing my best to 'nest', :) and catching up with friends. Chris is on the brink of a job, and I'm starting to babysit my cousins part-time next week. It's all so exciting. 
I'm not completely finished with the new place, but here's a few pics of completed areas :)

New little desk and chair set (thanks mom!) from an Amish farm!
Dining area

Exciting stuff, eh? 
Now for the more serious stuff....Chris and I have recently been offered a pretty exciting opportunity, one which would grow us and challenge us in ways we might not even realize right now. It is a tremendous ministry opportunity, which may seem to make it an easy decision, but we don't want to go anywhere God isn't calling us. So if anyone who reads this wouldn't mind offering up a quick prayer, that'd be wonderful. Hopefully I'll be able to provide better updates in the near future.  (Job=internet in the apartment) *grin*


  1. I love how you decorate Amers! Prayers definitely going up for sure, can't wait to hear more. Love you, give Zoe kisses for me :-)

  2. amy!
    you always decorate so cute!! I'm glad you are getting a little more settled in. and Man, we miss you guys like crazy. I know we only knew each other a few months (weeks?) before you left but man oh man, we feel like you guys were a part of our family, ya know?? We sure miss you a lot. Tell me about chris's job opp!?! and this ministry thing?!?! WANT TO HEAR ALL ABOUT IT!

    Also! I'm so happy that you get to work 1/2 time with kids!! That way, you can make a little extra money being with kiddos (which you are extremely good at and Owen says hi and he misses you!) and you can stay at home part time and just be a homemaker!!! Which i know you love!! It's wonderful huh?

    Well. love and miss you. Talk to you soon.

  3. Hi Amy, I stumbled across your blog from somewhere lol, but I wanted to let you know I bookmarked it and check back every now and then to see how it's going. Congrats on the new place and the ministry opportunity. I've added you both to my prayers. Good Luck!