dear blog...

i love you and i miss you and i'm sorry i haven't written in so long. if you could please get a hold of my life and make it slow down, i could dedicate some more time to you.
thanks and be back sometime later...



i made him another shirt.

it was time. i craft sooo many girly things/things for myself/ gifts for girls, that it was time to make another something for my hubby who puts up with my crazy craftiness. :)
this time i tapped into his love for music. hubby is always playing his guitar. i love it. :)

I actually used the same design as annalea, whose blog you should totally check out. i just found it and am totally loving her beautiful kids, home, and heart. she made this shirt for her little boy, and I loved the design. perfect for my guitar-loving hubby.

rockin the new shirt and beard.

i also added my own personal touch to the back. this is the type of acoustic he plays. (Larrivee- please don't sue me)

on the back, right under the neck.

now here's where maybe you can help me. he likes his shirt, he really does. but he's not sure about the design because it doesn't have a sound hole. i personally really like it without, but he just wants to make sure people know it's a guitar.

it does.....right?? :)


some new things.

just thought I'd share a few new things real quick...

grass i won at our church auction. they're in chalkboard clay pots, how awesome?!

pyrex score thrifting last weekend. what a beauty!

cabinet makeover! it's amazing what scrapbook paper and a little ModPodge can do...

a close up.

that's it for now! Back to some late night crafting!