Molly's Birthday *Day*

We had a fabulous day yesterday. Chris took off work so that we could spend the day celebrating our beautiful baby girl.

She woke up to balloons all over her room. 

After breakfast, we went to the zoo. This was Molly's first ever visit to the zoo!

The first animal we saw was a wolf. She loved it, although I think she thought it was a dog.

Watching the polar bear. We actually saw him jump off his rock into the water. Too fun!

After a couple of hours, she just couldn't keep up. :)

Thankfully, it was a perfect day--sunny with a slight breeze.

After lunch, Molly opened a few gifts from Mommy and Daddy.

New shades and a ball so Daddy can teach her to play catch.

Later in the day, we went to Graeter's and Molly enjoyed her first frozen treat (sorbet, since she can't have dairy). First, she tried strawberry, and gave the most hilarious face of displeasure. So mango it was! :)

She is ONE, people. ONE!! 

It is so difficult to put into words how this makes me feel. In one sense, I wonder where has the time gone? But in another sense, I am absolutely loving the little girl that she is becoming. Every new stage is amazing. I know I say this a lot, but it is seriously one of the greatest joys of my life watching her grow and learn.

Guess I just need another little baby so we can start all over again, huh?? ;)



How in the world was this a whole year ago? 

last photo by chelsie.

My beautiful Molly Denae,

It is difficult to find words to express how much I love you. But know that I love you more today than I did a year ago, and even more than I loved you yesterday. 

It has been one of the greatest joys of my life watching you grow and learn. If this last year was as amazing as it was, I can only imagine what this next year with bring. 

If I am able to teach you anything in this life, I yearn for it to be that Jesus is all you need. Keep your eyes fixed on Him--He'll never lead you astray.

I love you, my Molly girl. Happy First Birthday.



Ah, family. We've had a pretty good weekend together: playing games, celebrating Molly's birthday, and just enjoying each other's company. 

It was like a mini-vacaiton to my own home. :) 

So pardon my absence. I have loads more to share with you all, in due time. Until then, Happy Tuesday!



Meet Betty--Chris's Grandma. 

Betty is Chris's mom's mom. She got breast cancer and passed away very soon after Chris and I started dating in 2003. It pains me to think that I had the chance to meet her, but never did.

From everything he's told me, she was a strong woman. She was the glue to their family, and always looking to serve others. She loved Jesus and wanted her husband, kids, and grandkids to love Him too. 

After Chris's grandpa passed away last year, his mom and her sister started going through the house. His mom asked me if I would want some of her mom's old clothes to use for sewing projects. I felt so honored. It's like somehow, now after all these years, and even though we've never met, we're somewhat connected. Call me cheesy. It just makes me smile knowing what a special lady she was.

So fast forward to Mother's Day of this year. I knew just what to make Chris's mom. A quilted pillow using her mom's clothes.

in memory of Betty, of course.


A year ago today...

I was very, very pregnant. Hoping this little girl would come before my birthday. No such luck. But my friends sure made my day fabulous. 

We had every intention of hanging out at the park. The guys were going to meet us there.

See us? Enjoying our food-less picnic.

Then the guys called and said it was going to storm.

Our response? 

You guys are pansies. Get over here and let's have some ice cream.

Then the tornado sirens went off. And we booked it home. :)

Here's my birthday cake. It reads: 

Happy Birthday Tornado.

I have some really awesome friends. Love you all so much. Thanks for making my birthday so special. 
(even though this was last year, hahaha)


Molly's room

It's about time, right? 
This is somewhat difficult for me, because a room is hardly ever "officially done". But I finally snapped a few pics of my favorite parts of my favorite part of the house.

This little birdie started out as pure decoration. However, he quickly turned into a quite functional door softener. 
(You know, so the door doesn't slam.)
Tutorial/pattern found here.

My dear friend Kylee made this sweet little birdie mobile before Molly girl was born. I absolutely love it.

I made all of her crib sheets using this tutorial.

My good friend Kara painted this birdie picture for Molly before she was born. Isn't is amazing?!?

Remember the awful dresser mishap
(Go check it out, seriously.) 
Well here's how it ended up turning out. 
By the way, this is Chris's dresser from his childhood.

My good friend Chelsie made this rolled rosette lamp shade for Molly. Isn't is amazing?? I have such talented friends. The picture is something my mom gave me when I was a teenager.

Again, my friend Chelsie. She made these beautiful flags for Molly girl for Christmas, and I of course had to hang them in her room.  

We took off the closet doors to make her closet more accessible, and hung curtains (ok, well, sheets) instead.

The crown is what I wore on our wedding day. 

This frame, as well as the gold frame hanging above her dresser, were found at a thrift store.

So there's just a few snapshots. Of course there are things I want to add and/or change, but it still makes me so happy to be in there. :) :)


Monday Highs

You know, cuz I totally missed the boat last week. 

But it's a good thing, because now I can add in a few highs from the weekend. AND, the fact that it's monday means I can link up here. :)


Little stinker climbed under the coffee table. Can you tell she thought it was hilarious? (until she couldn't get out, that is.)


Trying to put her shoe on. Smart girl, this one!


Little climber. (and a sneak peak at my table!!)


Blurry, but I love this precious pic.


Meeting baby Emerson! A huge congrats to Ryan and Mara...you guys are parents!!! 


Taking this lovely gal's maternity pics. Here's a peak:
You look absolutely stunning, friend!!


Embrace the Camera

Hello world! It's me! I blog here, remember?? 
It's been a busy week, and blogging has just kind of been pushed to the back burner. 

I just love Emily's Embrace the Camera philosophy. And because I know that not all of you will click over to that (*grin*), I'll explain. So many times it's just us behind the camera snapping pics of our sweet babes. We don't want to be in the shot because our hair isn't done, or we don't have make-up on. But in 20 years, our kids won't care at all. They will want to see pictures of us together. So I've been trying to take more pics of me and Molly girl together, even if that just means photo booth. :)


Friday Highs.v31

A random, middle of the week donut run to this place. Yum yum. Delish.

also here.


Sweet snapshots of me and Molly girl. Just look at her face!


Finally figuring out how Molly girl likes her almond milk! She guzzles it right down. *grin*

Yet another Friday High about food....hubby just randomly decided to make us french toast one morning. Perfectly ok with me! :)
(but you were kidding about that being my mother's day gift, right??)

Oh, ya know, just pure sweetness.
And finally seeing those top teeth in almost every smile just melts me.

Our little drummer girl. After her daddy's heart. :)