Dresser: FAIL

This past weekend I was trying to finish up some projects for Molly's room.  My original plan was to wait on refinishing this dresser until the spring, but I had already bought the spray paint and I started getting really impatient. 

So I had Chris drag this thing out to the back porch, and I went to town....

Isn't it beautiful?

JUST like I was hoping it would turn out.  :)

only NOT.

Clearly, I should have looked up some spray painting tips online BEFORE I started this project.

 Luckily, I was only out the $5 that the can cost. And I had some other paint on hand that I quickly brought out and covered all this right up. 

You'll have to wait for the end result, but let me just say I'm thrilled with it.

Oh, and if you're wondering the proper way to use spray paint, John and Sherry just shared some tips today. If only I would have waited....


  1. hey it would have worked if you were doing a haunted house theme lol. Can't wait to see the end result love you!

  2. Not fair.
    You were impatient with the spray paint.
    I want to be impatient and see the final project now!!! :)

  3. hahaha (sorry, this made my night because everything you do is perfect) oh and i loved the sarcasm.