One Month

.her many faces.

Molly Denae. I cannot believe you are one month old already. Time has flown by, baby girl. You have completely rocked our world, and I cannot imagine life any other way.


Stir the Fry

When Chris and I decided that I'd be staying at home when Molly was born, I asked him what was the one thing or things that he wanted done or to see when he came home from work. His number one answer was for me to take care of Molly. And number two?


Some kind of plan for dinner, be that a gourmet spread (haha), something simple, or even take-out. Whatever it is, a plan for dinner. (and I guess if we're being technical, a follow-through to that plan).

So in my efforts to feed my husband, and someday children (when Molly is ready for people food, of course) I'd like to start sharing with you our Good Eats.

Not always a recipe, hopefully somewhat healthy, and down the road, something that is baby friendly as well.

First up, a classic: STIR FRY

What I put in ours:
Brown rice
Green peppers
Red peppers
Trader Joe's Soyaki Sauce (if you haven't tried this stuff, go buy it NOW!)

And that's it! Happy eating, everyone!


Super Mom

I am so NOT super mom.

Just a few things to entertain your thoughts...

  • The hair on my legs can no longer be qualified as stubble. yikes.
  • My pony tail hasn't even been redone from sleeping in it last night.
  • There are burp cloths (which I prefer to call "milk rags") and blankets and bra pads all over my house.
  • The laundry from like, four days ago is still sitting on my washer.
  • I dropped some banana bread batter on the floor this morning, and totally forgot about it until I heard Zoe licking it up.
  • I still have paperwork from the hospital that I haven't put away/filed.
  • Pretty sure there are a few bills on the counter from before she was born that still haven't been paid. oh my goodness.
  • I am getting pretty darn good at rocking this no makeup look.

BUT! Things I know...

  • Molly is peacefully sleeping.
  • Her diaper is clean and her belly is full.
  • Zoe was let out to go potty this morning.
  • Dinner is cooking in the crockpot and will be ready when Chris comes home tonight.
  • My love for coffee has skyrocketed since this little one has been born.
  • The Lord is speaking to my heart. I want to share in another post at another time.
That is all for now. I know that things are still new....Molly is only four weeks old (today!) and I've technically only been by myself (without Mom...I miss you!!) for two weeks, but this is like a whole new ballgame to learn. Please don't read this the wrong way...I love being a mommy and Molly is an amazing baby. It is just very different. More to come. I can see myself starting to ramble.... *grin*


my heart is full

All my loves are sleeping. Chris is home sick from work. Hopefully it's just a cold, but he's trying to rest and help his body heal. Zoe is snuggled on a blanket, and Molly is peacefully wrapped in her bouncer.

My heart is so full of love. I cannot imagine life any other way. Thank you Lord for this season.

And a few Molly pics for you all...

first jam session with the boys.

being cute. *grin*


Project 31: Day 19

I know, I know. It's been a while. But I really like the prompts that Mandy has given with this, so I'm going to continue, even if that's slower than a snail's pace!

Day 19. Write about your favorite comfort food (we are women- we ALL have comfort food!

A drink from Starbucks, most definitely. When I am feeling down or have had a bad day, this will almost always cheer me up.

Some of my faves...

iced passion tea.

the new coconut mocha. i like it over ice.

iced caramel macchiato.

and sometimes, just some plain old coffee.

all images found via weheartit.com



pardon the extremely awkward pose...

M was for Molly, even before she was born. *grin*


craft fair

A couple of weeks before Molly was born, I participated in my first ever craft fair! Ok, well it was actually a vendor fair (not everyone had "crafts"), but I took a variety of my handmade goods. It was at Chris's work, and there was no cost associated, so I figured why not?

here's the setup.

the un-paper towel. be green. :)

embellished onesies...

hair clips. for hair or a headband.

Overall, it was great! I went in with no expectations, so I honestly would have been pleased with any outcome.

Oh, and please let me know if you're interested in any of these items...I have some leftovers that I'd love to share :)


to my love.

Happy third anniversary. I love you more today than I did three years ago. More today even than yesterday.



that is all for now. : )



Miss Molly Denae. Born May 30th, 2011 at 6:53am. 8 lbs even, 19.7 inches long.

We're all home and doing great. More to come later!