SIX months

I'm having a difficult time knowing where to start this. As I scroll through these pictures, I am in awe at how my baby has grown. 

In one sense, this time has flown by. I feel like it was just yesterday that I was pregnant, wondering when in the world I would get to meet her. 
What would she look like? Would she have hair? (ha!) 
Would she look like me or Chris?

But in an entirely different sense, this time has felt like an eternity, in the most wonderful way. I feel like when you have a newborn, everyone starts offering all sorts of advice to you, whether you want it or not. *grin*
One of the statements I heard most frequently was
"Enjoy this--it goes by fast!"

This something I've really consciously tried to take to heart.

It's taken effort--remembering to be fully present in each moment. 
To literally soak up every second. 
It's not just a phrase. It's really possible. 
And I feel like it's exactly what I've done. 
I've even tried not to wish away the difficult moments like when she is fussy or waking at night, when she pees all over the floor or screams while I'm driving. 
All of it will pass, and I want to be sure not to miss it. 

It's hard to believe that in six more months I'll have a one year old. But I'm going to try not to get ahead of myself. A friend of mine has a baby a few months older than Molly, and she's really said this best:
Each new stage is so much fun and sometimes it's like you just want to stop time and linger for a little while longer. But then the next stage comes and you end up feeling the exact same way. 

So that's where I'm at. Fully enjoying this six month phase of smiling, giggling, babbling, sitting, NOT crawling (that will come soon enough *grin*) trying new foods, learning to snuggle, and many, many more wonderful things.

Happy half birthday, Molly Denae. 
I love you more than words can say.

And now a few more photos for your viewing pleasure...


for babies

One of my favorite gifts for babies is embellished onesies, so I thought I'd share a few today. These are fairly simple and would make great Christmas gifts!

I made this whole host of girlie ones for the craft fair in May.

A monkey onesie for baby Malachi (who is already over a year old!)

I added a cute butterfly to this gown before Molly was born....

...and very quickly discovered that I hated the gowns! 
So Molly got a new pretty dress:

This little owl onesie was a welcome home gift 
for my beautiful niece, Marlee Joy:

Hope you've all had a wonderful Monday. It's been rainy here, but a good day none-the-less. I'm off to finish up the worship set for Sunday, make dinner, and see what else I can squeeze in before Molly girl wakes up!


Christmas gift ideas

I LOVE homemade Christmas gifts. Giving them and receiving them. I've toyed with whether or not to share the things I'm making this year. I'm still undecided. 

However, I definitely want to share some of my past projects that could be potential gifts for this year.

First up. A homemade hat. I completely free-styled this.

 Wrapped wreaths. This first one I made a while ago, wrapped with yarn and decorated with a branch and some crocheted butterflies. 
(I've since replaced the butterflies with some felt flowers.)

And these next two were wrapped with a burlap coffee sack, decorated with yarn and flowers.

this one blogged here.

For the guys: embellished shirts. 

If your guy is an OHIO STATE buckeye fan, an OH-IO shirt might be good...

front...................and back.

For my brother's birthday last year, I designed this tetris shirt. Anyone play tetris back when it was on gameboy!? Oh my goodness, memories.

Last year, I made Chris this guitar shirt from annalea's blog. 

Now for baby:

I made them last year when my friend's baby turned one.

Baby burp cloths from vintage sheets. (Rachel's tutorial here.)

 Again, from Rachel, these onesie dresses are super easy to make. 
(I made this before Molly was born)

Is this not the most precious baby? Oh yeah, the hat too. :)
Made from this pattern. Lined with soft knit.

And finally, I want to share with you these crocheted flower clips. They are on alligator clips, so they can be worn in hair or clipped to a headband.

And here is one modeled by my beautiful baby girl.

I don't have an up and running etsy shop, but these are for sale. If you're interested, shoot me an email at adavis356@gmail.com, or just leave a comment with your email address and I'll contact you. 

That's all for now! Hopefully I'll get the chance to share a few more ideas in the next week or so. 
Have a lovely weekend!

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our thankful tree

At the beginning of this month, I found this idea. I honestly forget where...maybe pinterest? Yeah, probably most definitely pinterest.

Anyway, I actually gathered the branches on our walk and made it that day! I was too excited. And turns out, Chris liked the idea as well. 

We have been writing notes of thankfulness for the last three weeks. Our visitors have even joined in on the fun!

I can't help but share these. Some are funny, some are serious. But every one of them are expressions of gratitude and thankfulness to our Maker.

Molly girl
A wonderful visit with Grandad
"I'm thankful for Molly- she brings joy to my heart when I'm feeling down"- Grandma Debbie
A warm place to call HOME.
"1.Sweet friends.  2.chocolate raspberry cream.  3.cute coffee cups."- Whitney
"Milk"- Molly
"Thankful for our amazing friends/adopted fam: Amy, Chris, Molly & Zoe"- Chelsie
Amazing fall weather in November!
God's grace and mercy.
Warm, delicious coffee.
The most wonderful time of the year!
The MANY freedoms we enjoy in the U.S.
"Jeni's ice cream." - Kevin
Technology so we can skype with Grammie.
I'm so thankful for cookies! 
A pantry full of food.
Molly slept in this morning.
"I'm thankful for a wonderful Christian husband & merciful God."- Debbie(Chris's mom)
"I'm thankful for beautiful Christian sons & daughters-in-law." - Debbie(Chris's mom)
"FAMILY who love hanging out and being around each other."- Jonathan
A loving and caring husband.
Friends that offer babysitting so we can have a date night!
A beautiful and godly wife.
Intimate friendship.


So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live your lives in him, rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness.
Colossians 2:6-7


sippy cup

Would you look at this big girl and her sippy cup? 
We pulled it out two nights ago, filled it with a little bit of water, and let her go to town. 

She loved it. 

I'm so thankful for my free-spirited little girl. 



So thankful for a wonderful visit with my cousins today. This picture was from over a year ago, and my, how these girls have grown!

the oldest and the youngest.

One of my favorite parts was walking in to see Callah helping Elysea eat her yogurt. Then she took it upon herself to wipe down her face, hands, and tray with a washcloth. What a helpful big sister! 
It made me smile and hope that someday Molly does the same. *grin*

I'm so thankful for family. Love them beyond words.


Friday Highs.v14

The last few days have been pretty rough in the lane of Mommy-hood. I have found myself in all sorts of funks and feelings, along with major loads of mommy guilt.

I'll spare you all the details, lest they sound like complaints.
Instead, you will get a modified version of Friday Highs.
More of a long list of what I'm grateful for
(since I've been slacking on my "every day post something you're thankful for" promise.
Today I will play catch-up)

Today I am thankful that the sun is shining.

image found via weheartit.

I am thankful that Molly slept 45 minutes past when she usually wakes up
(my, how I needed that!)

how Molly fell asleep yesterday.

I am thankful for Chris's step-dad, who helped me build a CHRISTmas decoration for our house (can't wait to share with you!)

I am beyond thankful for all our musicians at church who help Chris and I in our ministry.

I am thankful for friends. Strong relationships are such a wonderful gift from God!

I am thankful for our home. Even though I sometimes dream of living in a cute little cottage/bungalow-ish home, I am truly thankful for a safe, warm place to call home.

Oh, how I dream!
image here. found via pinterest.

I am thankful that Chipotle now has brown rice! (ha ha, it's the little things)

I am thankful for dessert. I just might be addicted to sugar.
Check out these that Chelsie made last week. Oh my goodness.
My sweet tooth is going crazy right now!

image by Chelsie.

I know I say this a lot, but I am so incredibly thankful for my husband and his love to me.

One last one because Molly girl is waking up....
I am thankful that it's the weekend. That means Chris for two full days. *grin*

ps- this song makes me laugh. but I can't help but sing it every.single.friday.
and 6.5 million views- seriously?