office job.

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I know I've somewhat been neglecting the blog....a where I've been post to come....

But I feel like it must be documented that I have ONE more month of a corporate office job. WOOHOOO!!!!!! Let's throw a party! Let's celebrate! Cupcakes! Punch! Streamers!

Or let's just silently cheer and save our money for baby....priorities, Amy, priorities. *grin*


i'm dreaming of creating....

...and i'm also dreaming that i'll ever have enough time to make all the things I want to make! ahhh! Why do I let my brain get on creative overload?? Anyway, here's a list of what I'm dreaming about currently:

This one is close to reality, thanks to my wonderful friend, Chelsie, who so graciously gave me one of her thrifted ornate frames. I've been dying to get my hands on some chalkboard paint and put one of these pretties somewhere around my house... However, I'm not entirely sure of the color I want to paint the frame. Any suggestions??

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We have an old bookshelf from when Chris was in college that is quickly becoming the gathering ground for baby girl's belongings. But I'm wanting to give it a boost from it's boring self to a brightly colored lovely that when baby girl grows big she can store her books and treasures. Again, not sure of the color, so suggestions are appreciated! :)

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I love love love these flower garlands made of tissue paper. Jeni's ice cream has some super pretty ones that look something like this. I may, however, have to wait until baby girl has her own room. Her corner in our bedroom is getting a little crowded! :)

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Chris and I's bedroom has very little light. It gets a ton of sunlight during the day, but unfortunately I'm not there to enjoy it. I'm thinking this idea by Rachel would be super fun for over our bed!!

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...And now I'm ready to go home for the weekend and start my projects! Have a fantastic day!



pondering this quote today....

"I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so
unlike your Christ."

Mohandas Gandhi


baby blanket

This is for my dear friend Kara, who is having a little boy sometime next month! It's my first ever granny square blanket!! Just thought I'd share a few pics...

Can't wait to meet this little guy!! Not too much longer now!


Update: The Stink

Or lack of the stink *grin* Remember last year when I bared my soul to ya'll about my smelliness? Here is a refresher. To recap: Last May, I made my own deoderant using all natural ingredients, for a fraction of the cost what you'd buy in the store.

Well, I'm pleased to say that it has been almost a year, and I just made my second batch. This is taking into account that I've given away several samples to friends; so there's a chance it could have lasted an entire year.

So, my update? I love it more now than I did then. I've made it through all the major seasons--including summer--and yes, it still works better than any store-bought deoderant I've ever used. In fact, I've noticed that over time, I've had to apply it less and less. Meaning once every couple of days (maybe even every three days!). I'm guessing it's that my body is now free of the toxins in store-bought deoderant that supposedly make one less stinky; but for me, "regular" deoderant definitely made my stink linger (which makes you think you need more deoderant, so you apply it again, using more, buying more....see how this sick cycle works?!?!)

Anyway, I love it. I'll preach it 'till I die. And to make it easier for you, here's the recipe again:
¼ cup baking soda
¼ cup arrowroot powder
6-8 Tbsp coconut oil (I think I used 7)

(and here is Lindsay's awesome post about it.....her website is great too, so make sure to browse around!) (She also addresses how to adjust the recipe if this irritates your underarms at all. I've never had this issue, but I know everyone's body make-up is different...so check our her FAQs!)

PS- I hope I'm not overstepping any boundaries by sharing this, but let it be known that Chris has not used deoderant (not even my homemade kind...none) for maybe 6 months? He's not exactly sure how long it's been, but definitely at least that long. And (!) he works out every day. AND (!!) he doesn't stink. I'm so serious. I'm pretty sure that just further proves the point that when our bodies can detox and return to their natural state, we will come to find that many things that society/the media tells us we need, we really don't. :) :)



I’m going to start a section on my blog that lends itself to the side of me and my family that is striving to be green good stewards of the resources God has given us. I’d like to include tips and ideas, as well as reasoning and purpose. And of course answer any questions anybody may have! My purpose in sharing is to hopefully bring some new ideas to light and show you how being “earth-friendly” or “green” is not all that difficult, and honestly, it just makes sense.

I’ll start today with baby steps. If you’re not already doing these things, try them out. They won’t completely alter your life. They’re just baby steps. *grin*

*Use re-useable grocery bags. It might take just a bit of effort to get into a good system, but here’s what works for me: Leave the bags in the trunk of my car; take them into the store; let cashier work the wonders of fitting your groceries very systematically into the bags so that it makes them SO much easier to carry out to your car and into your house; unload groceries in your kitchen; fold up bags and leave by your front door; grab them the next time you go out to your car and throw them in the trunk; repeat process over and over again!
Worthy sidenotes:
*Sometimes I ask for paper when my stash is getting low. I like to keep these around for various things…mainly, they make for beautiful wrapping paper! (and free!)
*If I’m at a store where I’m only buying one or a couple of small things and going right to my car, I simply let the cashier know that I don’t need a bag. (or stick your items in your purse) (or think ahead and use your grocery bags at non-grocery stores).

*Use cloth napkins. I made this switch when Chris and I got married, and I have to say, it’s so easy! How often do you dab the corners of your mouth just a bit throughout dinner. That doesn’t make for a very messy napkin. So honestly? I don’t even wash mine after every use. When they do need a washing, I just throw them on the washer and add to my next load. And an added bonus? You’re saving money. Another added bonus? You can buy cute napkins with cute prints (if that’s your thing, of course) :)

*Ditch the Ziploc baggies. Sure, we all know they’re more convenient. But every disposable item is supposed to be convenient. Again, it’s about getting into a habit, and honestly that’s the hardest part. It may take some time to slowly accumulate small containers (I shop for mine at the thrift store in the kitchen section), and it may take an extra minute (maaaybe) to wash and rinse and put it back in the cupboard. But again-it’s a money saver and keeps those Ziploc bags out of the landfill.
*You could also make your own reusable snack bags, using this tutorial. I’ve made some myself and will say they are great for dry snacks, but I don’t trust them with anything juicy. Just another option if you’re crafty in any way.

*Save water. If you pay your own water bill, you should have double initiative here, because again- it’ll save you money. One of the most obvious things I can say here is don’t just let your water run. Turn it off when you brush your teeth or step away from the counter while rinsing dishes/washing vegetables/etc.
*If you have a spouse and you wake up/go to bed around the same time, hold the flush. Does that make you laugh? Gross you out? Well get over it. Chris and I do this all the time (not with #2….we’re not quite there yet, lol) but combining “duties” before you flush saves water.
*Ladies- how long does it take you to shave? I’ve personally never timed it, but if I’m doing a full-leg shave, my guess is it’s probably between 5-10 minutes. That’s a ton of water. So as the weather gets warmer, try just turning the water off while you shave your legs. This is weird at first, trust me. Standing in your shower while there’s no water running is at first a little creepy. But it’s also extremely eye-opening to know that as you stand there, the water could be running and you’re not even using it!

So there’s a start for you! Do any of you already do these things? Questions? Comments? Concerns? More to come later, I promise :)


28 weeks, sugar test, and Chris' ipod

Well hello friends! It's been a while, I know. Truth be told, I do a lot of my posting at work, and google documents (where I store a lot of my blog info) has not been working for some reason! bummer!

So here's just a quick update in regards to my belly. My, has it grown....


Baby girl.....in my belly!

I think those pictures were actually last week, so 27 weeks, but there's really not much of a difference.

As we speak (ok, well, as I type), I am enjoying this delicious fruit punch drink from my doctor. It's full of sugar, and then they're going to test me for gestational diabetes. Does anyone else think that is just totally whack? Guess I just don't know the science behind it. Anyway, it's really not as bad as everyone says it is. Maybe I just picked the right flavor, I don't know!

See? I'm enjoying it :)

Oh, before I forget, I've been meaning to share the wrap up to Chris' birthday ipod. Remember this? I guess in some of their correspondence, Chris mentioned something about sending us some sunshine from Hawaii--that's where she was located, and I'm pretty sure the heavens were dumping snow on us at that time. Anyway, did end up shipping the correct dock, along with this:

How sweet is that!? A simple gesture that for us Ohioans put a huge smile on our faces :)

Hope your day is filled with a whole lot of sunshine!!