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Well folks, here it is. The official "due date".

Little baby girl Davis, when will we get to meet you??!?

I, for one, cannot wait. *grin*


Tutorial: Remake your bath pouf

I don't know about you, but around my house, bath poufs don't last long. Chris and I each use one (we don't share....it's just kind of like a toothbrush, in my opinion), so it's safe to say we go through a lot of these. I've often thought that there has got to be a way to remake it once it's all stretched out and yucky looking. Do you know what I mean? It's hard to describe....

Anyway, so I finally got around to this, and just thought it was too good not to share. So here is my first ever tutorial! Please let me know what you think or if you have any questions.

First, open the pouf to the center and cut the cord that is holding it all together, being careful not to cut the netting.

Next, WASH the netting. Like, in your washing machine. You can dry it as well.

At this point it is just one loooooong tube of netting:

Next, start at one end and begin folding accordion style. I did mine about 6-7 inches wide, but I'd recommend a little smaller. It's really approximate...you don't have to be perfect here.
If your tube was like mine, it was probably a little twisted in some parts. You can just untwist as you go.

Next, find some rope.

Now cut a long piece off and tie it around your accordion, with the folds on the top and bottom:

Now tie your two ends together, refluff the netting, and TA-DA! Your bath poof, saved and remade!


Maternity Pics

My friend Chelsie is awesome. She blogs here. And she shares her amazing pictures here. Please check her out and leave her some love. *grin*

I just wanted to share some maternity pictures that she took for Chris and I recently....I'm in love...hope you enjoy!


quarter of a century

So, I'm 25. I hate 25 because it rounds up to 30 which rounds up to 50 which rounds to 100. A little extreme? I know, but still. I imagine myself staying 23 for the rest of my life. So you can all just pretend with me, mmm k? I'm quite sure I'll look back on this post at some point in the future and make fun of myself and tell myself it's wonderful to grow older because with age comes wisdom....blah blah blah blah blah.

Anyway, in honor of my birthday, I wanted to share this link that made me feel OLD.

I'm also adding something else to this list:

Yesterday in Sunday School, we were talking about 2000/Y2K, and this college student said

"What's Y2K?"


house updates

I have some fun and exciting updates to household Davis to show you! First, do you remember this post?

Well, I finally got around to the chalkboard part. I decided to leave the frame the color that it is for now because it's so beautiful! I may paint it someday, but once it's painted, I can't go back to the original color, so I want to be really sure about it!

Next up, bookshelf for baby girl. I went with white and a pretty color of green for the background. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out...

And last, our new couch! It is soooo comfy, and I'm so incredibly happy with it. Please come visit so you can see for yourself! :)


a quick update

I'm not going to lie, I truly thought that I'd be blogging more now that I'm at home all day. Truth is, I've just been pretty busy!! But I thought I'd pop in just to say that I'm still alive and breathing. No baby yet. I'm not quite at the miserable get-her-out-of-me state of being, so I'm doing pretty good just waiting and preparing.

And because you all know I love posts with pictures, I'll leave you with one of Zoe perched on our new couch! (Yah for new couch!!)


baby refashions

I found this baby gown at a second hand store--either goodwill or once upon a child. I forget. Regardless, I loved the stripes, but wasn't exactly digging the puppy....

Hence, the butterfly! Much better :)

This little sleeper had a not-so-cute butterfly on it. It wasn't terrible, but I thought I could free-style a flower that I might be a little happier with...

Did ya'll know I've officially left corporate America? Yep. It's true. And I couldn't be more thrilled. My work now consists of taking care of Chris and I's home. And in a very short time, taking care of a baby will be added to the mix.

Well, I'm off to laundry, making homemade soap, and preparing for my first ever craft show! Woohoo!