house updates

I have some fun and exciting updates to household Davis to show you! First, do you remember this post?

Well, I finally got around to the chalkboard part. I decided to leave the frame the color that it is for now because it's so beautiful! I may paint it someday, but once it's painted, I can't go back to the original color, so I want to be really sure about it!

Next up, bookshelf for baby girl. I went with white and a pretty color of green for the background. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out...

And last, our new couch! It is soooo comfy, and I'm so incredibly happy with it. Please come visit so you can see for yourself! :)


  1. LOVE IT!!!!......ALL!!!!
    Can't wait to see you and Christopher.......AND.....our little baby Ginny!! ;-)

  2. hahahaha oh mom i love you :)

  3. AMY! it looks sooo sooo good! you are talented, my friend. so baby girl is ginny? is that pronounced 'jenny' or 'guinea' as in guinea pig? ;-)

  4. I think I see the books I bought on that bookshelf yay for reading!!!!!!! I will have to come over to your house soon to try out that couch for sure...here's to hoping I get a job in IL or OH soon!

  5. guess you forgot to tell your mom her name is aspen...or was it rebecca?