me and zoe love photobooth

Really, we do. I was looking through all my photobooth pictures and realized I have a ton of me and her.

look how little she was...


me trying to mimic her expression...

nothing special...

and her newest favorite place to lay...


bump pics

Just thought I'd post a quick update of the belly.....

She'll be here so soon!!!


Project 31: Day 18

Day 18. Describe your personality.

I’m an odd mix of bold and fiery, but also calm and quiet. I can be quite the loudmouth, but I also love listening to other people share their hopes, hurts, dreams, and struggles. I love fellowship and having friends over, but I definitely get recharged when I’m by myself, and I very much enjoy quietness.

I am also quite an odd mix of funny and complete nerd, depending on who you ask. I consider myself to have a pretty good sense of humor and will sometimes laugh at the craziest things that noone else finds funny. Lately, Chris has been accusing me of saying "that's so funny" instead of laughing. It's hard to stop when I hardly realize I'm doing it!

I’ve learned recently how much of a home-body I am. I know some people loooove traveling, but I am just not one of those people. Ask me what I like to do for fun on the weekends, and I guarantee you that 9 times out of 10 I’d vote to stay at home, order in some food, and just relax and enjoy company, whomever that may be.

I'm not really sure how else to describe myself. Honestly, I think you all could probably do a much better job! Is there anything I'm leaving out? Feel free to comment and let me know. :)



older kids...

I'm not going to lie, sometimes the thought of being a parent to an older kid kinda freaks me out. I've taken plenty care of babies, worked in daycare with small children that could hardly talk yet, and could probably change ten diapers with my eyes closed in 2 mintues flat. I'm partly joking, but basically, babies are way more in my comfort zone. I think the thing that freaks me out most about older kids is that I don't always know what to say to them. That probably sounds ridiculous to some of you, but I'm so serious. I mean, what does a four year old want to talk about? Baby dolls? Puppies? I have no clue. I guess maybe it'll be a learn-as-I-go type thing. And I'm ok with that. *grin*

However, I saw this post from Heather at Cookie Mondays and it made me smile and think about what kinds of things my kid is going to come up with...

from Heather's blog.

Then I read posts like this ("I Can't Listen to God's Words Because I Like Strawberries") about Kate's firstborn, Cohen, and get overwhelmed at the thought of answering a toddler's tough questions. But then I pray that the Lord would bless Chris and I with children who earnestly seek the Lord and desire to know Him, even at a young age.

And just because I know not all of you will follow that link and read Kate's post(*grin*), I have to share one of my favorite stories she shared about Cohen....

We finished reading a chapter of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe and Co said, “you know what, Mom? I think Aslan is really Jesus.” Well, Mr. Lewis, you can’t get anything by my 3 year old.


spring is coming...

Sunday it was 84 degrees. EIGHTY FOUR. After such a long and cold winter, I am soooo ready for spring. *grin* Just a recent making.....new pillow made from napkins I found on sale at World Market. And yes, I tackled button holes for the first time ever! It's really not too difficult, I promise!

Hope your day is filled with sunshine! :)



Eight years ago was the beginning of our dating relationship. In honor of this occasion, Chris agreed to write a guest blog. What a guy. I love him :)

one of our very first dates--prom alternative.

From my guy:


Eight years ago, we embarked on a journey that shaped, defined, and developed us. What began as a fun and flirty friendship, became awesomely awkward dating (there are several pictures on this blog, I’m sure), and then a long-distance relationship, followed by a really fancy occasion with tuxes, dresses, and nuptials. Wow J

We hit our fair share of bumps and rough patches, but I wouldn’t change a thing. I have loved every minute--our fads, phases, pet names, dates, vacations, conversations, and raw passion for life. Sara Groves said it best with these lyrics: “life with you is half as hard, and twice as good.”

Amy Michelle Davis- may our love continue to grow for one another, but more importantly may Jesus Christ be the true love of our lives. I pray you always love Him first and remember His sacrifice; before you think of any sacrifice or love that I have to offer. I truly cannot wait to see what these next 8 years will bring us J

Loving you more today than I EVER thought possible,

-Christopher Allen Davis


Project 31: Day 17

Day 17. Write about 3 things that make you happy.

image found via weheartit.com

Coffee - I’ve wrote before about my love/hate relationship with coffee, but I’m telling you….it is a joy for me. It’s a comfort. It makes me smile. My favorite coffee drinking days are Saturday mornings when I can enjoy it in a pretty mugs. I <3 coffee mugs.

image found via weheartit.com - sewing and coffee together...gasp!

Crafting – for me, crafting entails mainly sewing and crocheting. But really I enjoy just about anything that involves the processs of taking something old and unappealing and transforming it into something beautiful.

Chris – Three C’s, I know. I’m so cheesy. But seriously, I know there are times where maybe we take each other for granted, or times where we might slightly annoy each other, but the guy really just makes me happy. I am so blessed to be able to live life with him.



for HER

Just wanted to share a few of my recent makings for baby girl.

Onesie Dress using Rachel's tutorial. I'm in love with this fabric!

Itty Bitty Baby Dress using Made by Rae's free pattern. I love the idea of this dress, but I really need to use real piping next time. I tried to fake it with some fabric on hand, and I'm pretty disappointed with how it turned out. I'll try again though!

And finally, I free-styled this little sleep gown from an old tank top. I sure hope it fits, because the material is super soft!


Project 31: Day 16

Day 16. Write a letter to your daughter, or a young girl in your life. Tell her what beauty means.

My beautiful daughter. You are a princess. A child of the King. He is enthralled by your beauty—already! He is, in fact, the only one who can really see you right now *grin* But soon you will be met by a whole host of people who will adore you and love on you and care for the best we know humanly possible.

The world will try to give you all different types of definitions of beauty. Do not let anything deter you from what you know in your heart to be true. True beauty only comes from Jesus. It is not defined by the world’s measures of weight, height, hair color, skin tone, or the clothes you put on your body. Beauty comes from the inside, and has much more to do with the heart than the outward appearance.

I cannot wait to meet you, baby girl! Your daddy and I think we have a name picked out for you, but we’ll have to wait to see you before we officially give you that name! Keep growing healthy and strong!!


And just for fun, some pics of me as a little girl. *grin* Sorry so blurry...


Happy Birthday Zoe.

first trip to the beach.

a long ride home with no air conditioning.

basking in the sun.

loving some sun.

caught mid-chew.

with cousin Milo in pretty sweaters.

her newest favorite place.

Happy 2nd birthday, my sweet puppy!


guitar + amigos

Have you all met Aura? Her blog is lovely. Just lovely. Head on over, and I am positve you will be inspired. Her pictures are incredible, and her take on life is just refreshing. Oh, and she just had a beautiful baby girl named Elodie. So precious.

I’ve been wanting to share this story I read on her blog a while back. But I feel like first I should preface it by letting you know my thoughts on how God is behind all of this…

When I really sit back and think about it, I really cannot believe how blessed I am to have a husband whose number one goal in life is to serve the Lord. You see, we talk about life a lot. We talk about what’s important to us, the things we want to do with our time, with our money. And I am thrilled/estatic/overjoyed that we are on the exact same page. There is nothing more important to us than serving the Lord, no matter what that means.

So do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ For the pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them. But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. Matthew 6:31

Did you get that? Our Father knows that we need these things. We’re commanded to seek first the Kingdom. When we do that, everything else will fall into place.

There is so much more that is stirring through my mind, but I don’t feel that I can articulate all of it at this moment. So I will just leave you with the much anticipated story…. (if it's too small, hopefully you can click on it and make it bigger)


Project 31: Day 15

I know, it's been a while, and most people that were participating in this project are probably long finished by now. But I shall continue! :) (ps- Mandy had her baby....sweet Lily!)

Day 15. Write to encourage a friend. Inspire her beauty.

My dear friend, Chelsea. You are beautiful to me, inside and out. It's hard to believe we've been friends for almost 10 years now. But it's true.

I can't tell you how thrilled I am that you are living back in town and that we are able to be in community with each other once again. Your love and passion for the Lord is amazing. I see your desire to serve Him—even when it’s difficult—and that is so inspiring. I know you’ve not even been married a year yet, but the way you support and love your husband is so admirable.

Keep loving Him, Chelsea, and know how beautiful you are!! :) .project31.