Eight years ago was the beginning of our dating relationship. In honor of this occasion, Chris agreed to write a guest blog. What a guy. I love him :)

one of our very first dates--prom alternative.

From my guy:


Eight years ago, we embarked on a journey that shaped, defined, and developed us. What began as a fun and flirty friendship, became awesomely awkward dating (there are several pictures on this blog, I’m sure), and then a long-distance relationship, followed by a really fancy occasion with tuxes, dresses, and nuptials. Wow J

We hit our fair share of bumps and rough patches, but I wouldn’t change a thing. I have loved every minute--our fads, phases, pet names, dates, vacations, conversations, and raw passion for life. Sara Groves said it best with these lyrics: “life with you is half as hard, and twice as good.”

Amy Michelle Davis- may our love continue to grow for one another, but more importantly may Jesus Christ be the true love of our lives. I pray you always love Him first and remember His sacrifice; before you think of any sacrifice or love that I have to offer. I truly cannot wait to see what these next 8 years will bring us J

Loving you more today than I EVER thought possible,

-Christopher Allen Davis


  1. Absolutely, wholeheartedly beautiful. Praise God for your marriage and His work in it! Love you both.

    p.s. I have to admit- sometimes you both inspire me not to be a "He Man Woman Hater"... sometimes :)

  2. oh my goodness. that is sooo sooo sweet! congratulations you two. :) you don't know how much your relationship has impacted me (and paul) in my life.

  3. Chris gets two thumbs up for this! Made me cry a little too.