older kids...

I'm not going to lie, sometimes the thought of being a parent to an older kid kinda freaks me out. I've taken plenty care of babies, worked in daycare with small children that could hardly talk yet, and could probably change ten diapers with my eyes closed in 2 mintues flat. I'm partly joking, but basically, babies are way more in my comfort zone. I think the thing that freaks me out most about older kids is that I don't always know what to say to them. That probably sounds ridiculous to some of you, but I'm so serious. I mean, what does a four year old want to talk about? Baby dolls? Puppies? I have no clue. I guess maybe it'll be a learn-as-I-go type thing. And I'm ok with that. *grin*

However, I saw this post from Heather at Cookie Mondays and it made me smile and think about what kinds of things my kid is going to come up with...

from Heather's blog.

Then I read posts like this ("I Can't Listen to God's Words Because I Like Strawberries") about Kate's firstborn, Cohen, and get overwhelmed at the thought of answering a toddler's tough questions. But then I pray that the Lord would bless Chris and I with children who earnestly seek the Lord and desire to know Him, even at a young age.

And just because I know not all of you will follow that link and read Kate's post(*grin*), I have to share one of my favorite stories she shared about Cohen....

We finished reading a chapter of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe and Co said, “you know what, Mom? I think Aslan is really Jesus.” Well, Mr. Lewis, you can’t get anything by my 3 year old.


  1. and I'm the opposite. Older kids are my comfort zone. Sadly, I've never changed a diaper....guess I might want to practice that soon in case i ever get the chance to babysit Baby Girl Davis or you finally come visit me here in NC :)

  2. Amy - You're going to be a great mama!! :) Can't wait to see baby girl!!! Not too much longer!! :)