it was zoe's birthday.

and we threw her a party, cake and all.  i even made her a party hat.

anyone remember when we first got her?  the potty thing was rough, but we're pretty much past it and i'm so glad we kept her.  i seriously cannot imagine her not a part of our lives. it might sound crazy but there are many times where i just thank the Lord for her and how much joy she brings Chris and I.  

and now, a glance through her sweet little puppy life...

ride home from Smyrna.

playin with daddy (look how small she was!)

first time meeting cousin Milo.

pillow love

thanksgiving with her cone.

 and her first christmas.

a discovered love for this blanket. she always wants to be snuggled under this.

so there ya have it! our one year old puppy. happy birthday zoe!!!


recent makings...

a new spring pillow. i looove how it turned out to look like a butterfly. I used an old scarf (sorry mom! but if it helps, it will get much more use out of a pillow than the scarf!) *grin* and this tutorial.

note how straight the lines are. golly gee, this is embarrassing . i promise, it looks better in person! 

and now onto quite possibly my favorite refashion  e v e r. yes, ever. i loved the way these jeans fit around my waist, not to mention the super cute design on the buttox (not pictured. come on, people), but i was never a fan of the bottom of them.

so i made me some skinny jeans.  

(before and after in the same picture....wow! oh, and i think my fly is down. oops.)

and the best part is, these are actually the right length! my other skinny jeans are way too long. 

needless to say, i'm thrilled. oh, the simple things in life....


weddings and such.

This crazy couple is gettin married tomorrow, which means i get another sister :) 

I read this on Kate's blog this morning, and it totally got me. So in keeping with the wedding theme, I direct you here. (this is somewhat of a lengthy post, but so worth it)


ruffle pillow

this morning during my set aside craft time (yes, i have to plan out my saturdays so that i actually get chores done) i was inspired by rachel's ruffle bib to make my couch a spring-y ruffle pillow. 
First, the pillow:

it's linen with a vintage pillow case as the ruffle and on the back too. 

Now to the dirty business: 
let's just say i like to keep things. i'm a borderline horder, i'm not afraid to say it. so here's my pile of scraps. this includes threads and the smallest of fabric pieces. (i save the larger scrap pieces in a different pile) but this is everything. i rarely throw anything away. i also might note that those are dryer sheets in the bag. ridiculous? yeah maybe. but this is what stuffed my pillow. eco-friendly and frugal, no? *grin* 

happy saturday everyone!


i'm thankful. i'm happy. i'm praising.

this morning, it's making me smile just thinking about....

*the birds chirping. my patio door is open and their chorus is flooding into my house. i love it.

...if you're a bird, i'm a bird....

*the picnic we're going on later today. me, chris, and zoe. food, fun, and fellowship. haha.

*this man:

i don't really have a great memory. really, i don't. but the other day i was driving home from work and heard his song Heartbreak Warfare and just knew this had to be the song he opened with at his concert in Columbus a few weeks ago. it was the craziest feeling. i'm not really one to get really star struck (at least not since my Plus One days.) but seeing chris and i's favorite artist of all times live, in the same room as us, was almost too much to bear. yeah, i just wrote a whole paragraph about John Mayer. love this man. 

*beautiful weather and driving with the windows down. hair blowing but who even cares.

*morning coffee. it makes everything better.

...this makes me miss moon monkey...   (source)

*how i've made my dress for this sunday. doubted myself the whole way, but i did it. pics to come.

...i wish this was where i sewed...what a lovely place to create...

*another day to live. healthy, happy. blessed. so blessed. praise the Lord.