recent makings...

a new spring pillow. i looove how it turned out to look like a butterfly. I used an old scarf (sorry mom! but if it helps, it will get much more use out of a pillow than the scarf!) *grin* and this tutorial.

note how straight the lines are. golly gee, this is embarrassing . i promise, it looks better in person! 

and now onto quite possibly my favorite refashion  e v e r. yes, ever. i loved the way these jeans fit around my waist, not to mention the super cute design on the buttox (not pictured. come on, people), but i was never a fan of the bottom of them.

so i made me some skinny jeans.  

(before and after in the same picture....wow! oh, and i think my fly is down. oops.)

and the best part is, these are actually the right length! my other skinny jeans are way too long. 

needless to say, i'm thrilled. oh, the simple things in life....


  1. Oh Skinny Jeans bring back memories of when we were roommates that you probably forgot about, but I definitely love the skinny jeans and the pillow. Send some talent my way would ya!

  2. you can EVEN make skinny jeans. wow. you never cease to amaze me mrs davis!

  3. Hey......what scarf you talkin' bout?????????