So Big.

 Yesterday Molly turned EIGHT months old. I can hardly believe it. 
Remember my six month post? I was doing really well at savoring every moment. Doing my best to NOT let the time fly by. 

But now? I feel like every day I look at her in awe at how much she has grown. How much she has changed. And the complete amazingness that is her

Just a few highlights...

She is crawling. On all fours. Everywhere.

She pulls herself up on anything that she can.

She has just started inching her way across whatever she is holding on to.

She walks behind her walker like a pro.

Basically, good pictures of her are getting harder because she hardly sits still.

Thanks to my cousin helping me overcome my fear of her choking, she has started eating real food. 

She has two front teeth on the bottom which make for the most adorable smile.

Oh, and you can tell best in good sunlight, 
but her hair is totally growing in RED. *grin*

Climbing on Daddy's guitar case. She got here all by herself.
Ever wonder why her hair is always in pigtails? Here's proof of her hardcore mullet.

Pulling herself up on the dog food. Our laundry room flooded which is why it's sitting on a towel. :)
Discovering the apple!

Making her way under the desk.


God answers prayers.

image found via google search; credit.

There is a part of me that hesitates to share this for fear of how it may come across. (Because ya know, it's difficult to sense tone in writing) But I cannot look past how God answered my prayers yesterday.

As a part of pastor's appreciation, people around the church bring the pastors a dessert on a Sunday every couple of months. (It's weird to consider myself a pastor. I'd prefer "worship leader".)

For this, I am extremely grateful.

But if I'm going to be honest, there has been a small part of me that has wondered why it couldn't be breakfast. Maybe it's just that not everybody sees how busy our Sunday mornings really are (especially now with a kid) and how breakfast is often the last thing on our minds as we're scrambling out the door. 

Anyway, so yesterday morning on our way to church, I reminded Chris that this was a Sunday that we would get dessert. And in a brief moment of selfishness, I asked God if he could please lay it on the person's heart to bring us breakfast instead of dessert. (Mind you, I have no clue who it is that brings us this). 

I'll admit--it was a bit of a fleece moment.

Anyway, we show up to church and Chris's mom had brought us donuts. I couldn't help but somewhat chuckle as I thanked God for answering my prayer, even if it was in a different way than I thought. 

But it doesn't end there. 

Our day goes on, we get our dessert, get home, open it up and it's banana bread. (Covered in frosting and pecans! Delicious!) But I don't really give a second thought to it.

After evening service we went over to our friend's house and had pizza and they shared their dessert (They're pastor's too.) And as we're leaving, I mention that our dessert was banana bread. To which my friend lovingly replies....

"Amy, that is breakfast."


Friday Highs.v21

Getting fun mail from Grammie---these precious ballet slippers. Aren't they sweet? (Molly too!)

Finding some awesome sheets at the thrift store to be remade into something for my shop. *Not pictured.* Pictured below would be dream sheets from good 'ole Anthropologie.

This little one just never ceases to amaze me. She is crawling all over the place and pulling up on everything. The other day she made this chair fall over. 

Chris and I really need to get a handle on our sweet tooth teeth. It's out of control, I tell you. But these chocolate cookies with salted caramel drizzle that I made last night were fabulous. 



Just wanted to share a few links today...

Did you know that when you comment, I can't reply to you through email unless your e-mail address is enabled in your account? This issue has happened to me twice this week, so I thought I'd pass along a quick easy, solution. Check out Leslie's post here on how to quickly make this right. (You should also stay on her blog and read some of her posts...just sayin.)
Then leave me a comment and I'll test it out for ya!! *grin*


As I'm on the brink of opening my Etsy shop, I can totally relate to Kendra's feelings she writes about here in regard to her shop. (Also, I hear ya, girl, on the nailbiting!)


I know Google is soon getting rid of Friend Connect, but from what I've researched it'll still be around for those on blogger (which I am). Therefore, let me direct you here, where Casey explains why following is important


The Yummiest Drink

Has anyone ever had the Passion Tea Lemonade from Starbucks? It is absolutely delightful, and my go-to summer drink. 

Last week as the snow was falling, 
I felt the need to have a little taste of summer

(Hindsight--I could have just waited for a day like TODAY. 
Ohio weather, you are crazy.)

I don't have the exact recipe as far as measurements go, but I basically mixed up some crystal light lemonade mix, brewed a couple of bags of TAZO Passion tea, and mixed it all together. Delicious!



By now, I don't think it should be a surprise to anyone that I love handmade things. Molly got a lot of beautiful decorations from my baby shower that adorn her nursery that one day I PROMISE I'll share. 

But today, I just wanted to share a couple of clothing items handmade by some good friends.

This beautiful sweater was made by my friend, Mara (who is now expecting a baby boy!! yah!) I absolutely love the colors, and it fits Molly perfectly!

And these precious socks were knitted by a friend from church--Jan. Aren't they fabulous?!


The art....

...of getting into trouble. 


Mmmm...sure tastes good!


Friday Highs.v20

The other night, just as we were ready to climb into bed, Chris announced he had a surprise. "Wait right here," he said. Ten seconds later, he came back with a big fluffy blanket he had thrown in the dryer to get warm. Yes, that's my man. I'll keep him. :)

below: what a dreamy bedroom! I'd love to snuggle up here!
image found via weheartit.com; also saw it on this lovely lady's blog.

The perfect messy bun. Seems to only happen on days I'm staying at home. :)

image found via weheartit.com

Wearing this little one so she is close by me. Good for her, good for me. 
--ring sling homemade by me--

To praise my sweet husband again, he brought me soup and salad from this place yesterday. Why? Simply because he love me. What a wonderful man.

image source; found via pinterest


Play Kitchen

Have you all seen these play kitchens made from repurposed furniture? 

I have been saving these pictures since before Molly was born, and I cannot wait to make her one of these someday! I know it's probably a little far off. Maybe not. I have no idea. When do kids start playing with this kind of stuff? 
Haha, oh this parenting thing is so funny. Learn as you go!! :)

Happy Thursday, friends!

*All these images were saved to my inspiration folder. I need to do a better job at remember their source. If any of these are your picture or if you know the source, please let me know. I want to give credit where credit is due!


Scenes from our Friday night.

It's nights like this that make me swell with happiness over our little family. 
A night in consisting of homemade pizza, music from our guy, 
and lots of snuggles with baby girl. 

We got this Rossi Pasta kit from our family for Christmas...what a fun and practical gift!!

The end result--delicious!

Molly with some of her dinner (sweet potatoes!) still on her face. Oops!

This guy sweetly serenades us. And I'm still learning settings on my camera. :)

THE best Oreo milkshake one will ever have (made by Chris). Olivet people--remember the Common Ground's wet oreo? Yeah. It's even better than that. *grin*


Baby Reed

Oh my goodness. I can finally share this!

You've heard me talk of Chelsie before...she is one of my very bestest friends.

She took these pictures. And these.

And guess what?!?!?!

 She and her hubby are expecting a baby in July!!

YAH!! Huge congratulations to both of you. I cannot wait to meet Baby Reed!

So for Christmas this past year, of course I had to fashion a little something for the babe. I used an old Alabama t-shirt of Kevin's that I got from our joint garage sale this past summer. And of course, I had to make a little houndstooth bow in case it's a girl. 

Here are the finished products:


Friday Highs.v19

Yeah....umm....basically? My camera. :)
It's just too much fun. Unfortunately none of my pics of Molly came out, but here's a few from around my home. 

(And I promise I won't keep just posting all my random pictures. 
Regular blogging will resume sometime.) :)

Finally working on some items to add to my shop!

My trusty sewing machine.
End table.

Trying not to kill these plants....I totally do not have a green thumb.

Chris likes to keep ALL of his root beer bottles. *grin*

I know it's out of focus, argh. But how could I not include this precious face?