Friday Highs.v18

image found via weheartit.com

I don't know what it is about birds chirping, but it's a sound that is so pleasing to my ears.  I heard birds chirping yesterday morning and realized it has been quite some time since I last heard that beautiful sound. Maybe it's because I haven't been listening....

This little one giving me giant belly laughs yesterday. I'll tell ya, the things she finds funny!!!! She's such a goof!

Good time spent with a good friend. Can't beat that, right?

While antiquing with said friend, we found my dream kitchen table. I've been searching the internet for the last half hour looking for a picture worthy enough to show you what I mean, but I can't find one that comes close. Trust me though, it's awesome. Gives me goosies just thinking about it. :)

That's all for now. We have a busy day! Happy Weekend, friends!


  1. she is sooo beautiful! i just wanna pick her up and hold her!! i need a video of these belly laughs!! love you guys and miss you :)

  2. Molly is growing so quickly!! I just love her sweet dimples and smiles (: You are a great Momma! Happy New Year, friend!!