Friday Highs.v20

The other night, just as we were ready to climb into bed, Chris announced he had a surprise. "Wait right here," he said. Ten seconds later, he came back with a big fluffy blanket he had thrown in the dryer to get warm. Yes, that's my man. I'll keep him. :)

below: what a dreamy bedroom! I'd love to snuggle up here!
image found via weheartit.com; also saw it on this lovely lady's blog.

The perfect messy bun. Seems to only happen on days I'm staying at home. :)

image found via weheartit.com

Wearing this little one so she is close by me. Good for her, good for me. 
--ring sling homemade by me--

To praise my sweet husband again, he brought me soup and salad from this place yesterday. Why? Simply because he love me. What a wonderful man.

image source; found via pinterest

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  1. How did you make your sling? :) It looks wonderful and I haven't liked just tying the one that I have.