So Big.

 Yesterday Molly turned EIGHT months old. I can hardly believe it. 
Remember my six month post? I was doing really well at savoring every moment. Doing my best to NOT let the time fly by. 

But now? I feel like every day I look at her in awe at how much she has grown. How much she has changed. And the complete amazingness that is her

Just a few highlights...

She is crawling. On all fours. Everywhere.

She pulls herself up on anything that she can.

She has just started inching her way across whatever she is holding on to.

She walks behind her walker like a pro.

Basically, good pictures of her are getting harder because she hardly sits still.

Thanks to my cousin helping me overcome my fear of her choking, she has started eating real food. 

She has two front teeth on the bottom which make for the most adorable smile.

Oh, and you can tell best in good sunlight, 
but her hair is totally growing in RED. *grin*

Climbing on Daddy's guitar case. She got here all by herself.
Ever wonder why her hair is always in pigtails? Here's proof of her hardcore mullet.

Pulling herself up on the dog food. Our laundry room flooded which is why it's sitting on a towel. :)
Discovering the apple!

Making her way under the desk.


  1. just curious, how did you overcome the choking fear?

  2. Gahh she's getting too big, I want to meet her before she gets to that toddler stage! Try to stop her growing ok :)

  3. Wow!! My Jude wasn't doing the pulling/up cruising until 9.5ish months. I think you may have an early walker on your hands! :-) I can't believe her hair and am totally jealous. :-)

  4. Gosh! She's precious! Not even fair! I never noticed the red hair. You'll have to show me when whit and I come to your house next.