Embrace the Camera

Have you all visited Emily's blog? She has this feature called "Embrace the Camera" where YOU get in front of the camera. I love this idea because I want Molly to always have pictures of the two of us together!

Anyway, this works out perfectly because Molls and I had a little photo shoot yesterday.


I love kissing those cheeks!!! 

Probably seeing herself in the moniter. 

A quick hug for Mom.

Trying to escape!
All smiles :)


  1. Love the pigtails and necklace! Visiting from the Andersons:)

  2. Those are so fun-what a cutie your little girl is! Thanks for visiting my blog! Hope you get out for some more of that sunshine today!!

  3. Hi Amy!! Thanks for visiting my blog! I see that you're also an Ohio momma, and a cloth diapering mom (thought I saw some peeking out from the leggings)!!!

  4. Two of the most beautiful girls God created and I'm so lucky to be in your lives...I can't wait to meet molly!!!

  5. such sweet photos Amy! :) thanks for stopping by my blog today. :) Rebecca

  6. i love this! molly girl, i can't wait til your older and you look back on this... journal... and see how dearly loved you are. you're momma is crazy about you. even from the beginning. baby girl, you are fearfully and wonderfully made. so perfect in every way! He has a beautiful plan for those beautiful feetsies of yours. i've been praying for you since I found out you were coming to this place we call life, but He knew you even before then! I love you sweet miss molly!

    and amers... love the nails!!

  7. Hi Amy!! Just sent you an email regarding your diapering question.