Creating Dandelions

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Did you know that...

the more you try to weed them, the faster they grow? (source)

Maybe a different image comes to your mind, 
but I see a picture of my Jesus, 
pruning me to be made more like Him. 

In John 15 (here), Jesus talks about cutting off branches that don't bear fruit and how he will prune the branches that do bear fruit so that they will be fruitful. This is a constant prayer of mine--

Lord, weed out the stuff that clouds my vision and the things of this life that have little value, and help me remain in You.

So, that's how my shop came to be:

I'm just a girl trying to mimick my Maker....making all things new. I strive to repurpose things--be it an old pair of pants, an old sweater, or an old sheet. My goal is to take something that would have otherwise been trashed and turn it into something beautiful and useful. 

CreatingDandelions is not for profit. It is Christ’s love that compels us to give to those in need. 

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