I was recently talking with someone close to me about why bad things happen and where is God in all of it. I admit, there's a lot of mystery to it and a lot that I still don't know. 

I was reading this woman's story last week, and this part perfectly summarizes it:

I would love to say that all the lights came on and that my life was magically changed in an instant. It wasn’t but what I did learn was that God was with me. I learned that God is in everything, that troubles come to drive us to Him and that when we let go we can put our trials in perspective and when we keep our eyes on Him, it changes everything.
Jesus said that in this life we will have tribulation. Where is God when your loved one dies? Where is He when you lose your health? Where is He when you don’t have money to pay the bills? Where is He when your heart is broken and you think you can’t bear another burden? Where is He when rape and abuse happens?
I will tell you where He is! The same place that He was when His Son hung on the cross. Did Jesus deserve what he received? Certainly not and what He suffered was so much worse than anything we will ever face.
It is in our sufferings that we become like Christ. It is in our sufferings that we learn to know the heart of God, if we allow them to drive us to Him.

Be encouraged, friends. God does not waste anything. He uses everything--all of our life experiences--for His eternal glory and purpose. 


  1. beautiful. beautiful. beautiful. i'm speechless.

  2. Perfect. What a great perspective!