Friday Highs.v35

A clothing refashion that just may have involved cutting up a pair of Silver brand jeans. *gasp* Luckily, it turned out great. More on that later.

Chris's surprise party. Definite awesome-ness.


Playing outside (when it's not scorching hot).


Remember when I made this for Molly for Christmas? I've been working on a few more to put in the shop. Stay tuned next week...there just may be a giveaway involved!!


Molly eating a lime. Then putting it on her head. Silly girl. :)


A Half Birthday Party

I've been busy, ya'll. Keeping secrets from my hubby is no easy task. My number one concern was that somehow he would find out about this, but he had absolutely no clue. 

You see, Chris's birthday just so happens to be the day after Christmas. So every year, as hard as I try to make it special, it always gets swept under the rug with holiday festivities. It's a fact that I think he has come to terms with, but this year, I wanted him to feel extra special, so I threw him a surprise half birthday party.

I corralled friends and family to meet at my place just a little bit before he got home from work, and let's just say, I think he was surprised....

Would you look at that face!?!? Hahaha. Perfectly captured, Jordan. Thank you.

The party spread:

And the yummy Oreo Cake--perfect for my Oreo-loving hubby.
Recipe here.

And ya know, as hard as I tried, I just couldn't remember everything. Candles, Amy. Candles. I guess the "1" from Molly's birthday worked pretty well. *grin*

A huge thank you to our wonderful friends and family who helped me in this endeavor and helped Chris feel extra special. Because we all know that he is. 

I love you, babe. Happy Half Birthday. You're almost 27 now. :)


The Frog Jump

Our town had a frog jump festival this past Saturday and we decided to take Molly girl. She's a little young for most of the activities, but it was still fun walking around and seeing the games. 

Here's Molly girl up close and personal with a frog. She was just a little bit nervous. :)

Leaning in to hug her daddy...

Ending the afternoon on the swing set!


Friday Highs.v34

Four Year Date Night Anniversary

Thank you, Chelsea, for watching our sweet babe.

It just so happened that our ultrasound to see peanut #2 was that morning, so we celebrated our marriage and our healthy second child at none other than J. Alexanders! Mmmm. That place holds a special place in our hearts. :)

cherry sprite. they make it the best.

Afterwards, we came home and reminisced about our relationship/marriage. My favorite part was watching our engagement video. Chris had some of our best friends take part, which was SO special. Kylee had the video rolling not only through the actual proposal, but for about 20 minutes or so after. Just a little bit shocking to me was how extremely high strung I was. (Am I still?!!?) Oh. My. Goodness. 

Anyway, just thought I'd share a few pictures of that wonderful night.

These guys sang a song while Chris and I danced. (they were sort of in hiding though...I didn't realize it was them until halfway through!)

These ladies completely lied to me at Starbucks a couple of hours beforehand while Chris was at my parents asking my dad for permission. Yes, he asked my dad only hours before. :) 
Great job keeping the secret, girls, seriously!

He finally asked me!! I waited my whole entire freaking life for this! 

And now we've been married for FOUR years. And we have a child. And another one on the way. And we're going to buy a house. I am so incredibly blessed to have such an amazing life partner. 
I'll love forever, babe. 




Bits of randomness

I am finally starting to feel like drinking coffee again! Hooray! It has made me want to barf for the last couple of months (thank you, baby) and I have really missed my morning ritual.
Oh, and hello coconut creme! I have missed you dearly! :)

Part of Chris's Father's Day gift that I had framed:

This little peanut is SO active. We got three different pictures at the ultrasound, and all three pictures are different! That's how much it was moving! Molly hardly moved at all during that ultrasound, and she's super chill, so I'm thinking that this is pretty indicative of their personalities. :)

We are house hunting. We have just about a month and a half before we have to be out of our apartment, so there's a good chance we may be living somewhere else temporarily unless something happens quickly. 
Anyway, I'm dreaming of all things house-related, of course. How dreamy is this bright green front door?

from Bekah's Pinterest.

Found Molly girl here the other day:


A simple equation.

Baby #2 coming January 2013!!


A New Lens

My new lens came in the mail yesterday, and I'm just about beside myself excited. I know not too many people will care, so if nothing else, this is for you, bro!! :)
Here's a few of my test shots. Please no judgement as I'm learning to use it. :)

I know this last one is a little blurry, but I'm in love with her face. This was while she was playing her drums. A true musician!