A Half Birthday Party

I've been busy, ya'll. Keeping secrets from my hubby is no easy task. My number one concern was that somehow he would find out about this, but he had absolutely no clue. 

You see, Chris's birthday just so happens to be the day after Christmas. So every year, as hard as I try to make it special, it always gets swept under the rug with holiday festivities. It's a fact that I think he has come to terms with, but this year, I wanted him to feel extra special, so I threw him a surprise half birthday party.

I corralled friends and family to meet at my place just a little bit before he got home from work, and let's just say, I think he was surprised....

Would you look at that face!?!? Hahaha. Perfectly captured, Jordan. Thank you.

The party spread:

And the yummy Oreo Cake--perfect for my Oreo-loving hubby.
Recipe here.

And ya know, as hard as I tried, I just couldn't remember everything. Candles, Amy. Candles. I guess the "1" from Molly's birthday worked pretty well. *grin*

A huge thank you to our wonderful friends and family who helped me in this endeavor and helped Chris feel extra special. Because we all know that he is. 

I love you, babe. Happy Half Birthday. You're almost 27 now. :)


  1. this is awesome! you are amazing! happy birthday, chris!

  2. haha I am cracking up out loud at the first picture of his surprised face!