Molly's Birthday *Dress*

I had the idea when I was pregnant with Molly that I wanted to make a pillow case to take to the hospital when I had her. My idea was to then use that fabric to make her dress for her first birthday. I am hoping that I can continue this tradition for all of our kids. :) 
(Ok, obviously if we had a boy, I wouldn't make a dress. Maybe he'd get shorts or pants.Isn't that given?)

The pillow is a little hard to see in this picture...

And here's the dress...

I used a different dress that fit her to kind of take measurements and eyeball the pattern. It turned out just like I was hoping! :)


  1. So cute Ames! You are so talented friend!

  2. That's so awesome!!!will you teach me when I have littles...?

  3. Oh my goodness that dress is so cute and little Molly is adorable in it! Very nicely done!