Bits of randomness

I am finally starting to feel like drinking coffee again! Hooray! It has made me want to barf for the last couple of months (thank you, baby) and I have really missed my morning ritual.
Oh, and hello coconut creme! I have missed you dearly! :)

Part of Chris's Father's Day gift that I had framed:

This little peanut is SO active. We got three different pictures at the ultrasound, and all three pictures are different! That's how much it was moving! Molly hardly moved at all during that ultrasound, and she's super chill, so I'm thinking that this is pretty indicative of their personalities. :)

We are house hunting. We have just about a month and a half before we have to be out of our apartment, so there's a good chance we may be living somewhere else temporarily unless something happens quickly. 
Anyway, I'm dreaming of all things house-related, of course. How dreamy is this bright green front door?

from Bekah's Pinterest.

Found Molly girl here the other day:

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