Ok ya'll, here's the thing. I've debated for a long while whether or not I should do this. I guess I'm kind of at the point where I'm thinking about where to take this blog next, so I'm finally sucking up the courage to ask this. So here goes.

Will you follow me? 

I know there are lots of ways you besides following that you can do this, but following shows your support.

I have people tell me quite often, "oh, I read on your blog..." or "I love reading your blog!" But I had no idea before you just told me that you even knew I had a blog, much less read it! 
Yes, I am calling you all out! haha. You know who you are...and I know who you are...bwah ha ha! *grin*

But I don't have my own blog. How do I follow?

You don't have to have a blog. You can even follow me privately if you choose. Just click the button in the left sidebar that says Join this site and sign up.

I will love you dearly. 
Actually, I already do. True love is unconditional, right? :) 

I've linked before, but here is Casey's really good explanation.

And again, I've linked this before, but please, pretty please enable your email address in your account so that I can reply to your comments that are so loved and appreciated. Here is Leslie's awesome explanation of how to do this. 

 Thank you, friends. I truly love every one of you! Have a blessed Wednesday.


  1. I show up as your follower, right?!

  2. I just saw your blog for the first time and followed without seeing this. Your family is so cute. Kind of a funny thing, my mom's name is Amy and I'm Molly. We have something in common already! :)