Friday Highs.v28

New followers. I seriously get so giddy when I see even just ONE new person that is following my blog. :) 


Remember me saying that Molly's hair is starting to turn red at the roots? I finally caught a good picture...


Date Night with my man. Always a good thing.


Did I mention that I won another giveaway? How does a girl go not winning anything her whole life, and then win two giveaways in a matter of a couple of weeks? Who knows. 

Anyway, the lovely Shelby sent me this scarf. 
Isn't it b-e-a-u-tiful?

That is all for now. Busy day ahead. 
Happy Weekend, friends!



My brother's wife pretty much rocks. I seriously could not have chosen a better spouse for him. Hang out with them for 10 minutes, and you'll quickly realize they are the best of friends. 

(*quickly wipe away tear*)

 Moving on. A bit about her:

She's funny...

Amazing mama to Marlee...

Photo credit: my bro. Get a blog or something so I can give you better credit. Just teasing. :) :)

I love how excited she was to get her Toms.

She puts up with my brother... (love you, edo!)

And many more awesome things. 

Anyway, her birthday is TODAY!!!! 

Happy, Happy, Birthday Shelly! I love you SO much and hope your day is fabulous! :)

And a couple of nifty details...

1- We were all together (minus Chris--boo!) a couple of weeks ago. So we threw her a little surprise celebration. 

2- She has just recently taken up sewing. So you know that meant I had to make her a few little goodies to help get her started. 

I used this tutorial for the pincushion and this tutorial for the needle book. 

I have to say, I'm pretty excited with how they turned out, so I thought I'd share. 

the inside pages:

Again, Happy Birthday Shelly! Love you!! :)


Tunes and Spoons Design!!

I am giddy with excitement right now.

If you're viewing this in a reader, you may just want to click on over and see what this fuss is about. :)

The lovely Rachel over at Tunes and Spoons blog started up a blog design business, and she is crazy talented! Seriously, check out her design page here

Anyway, to kick off her business she did a giveaway for a full blog layout and guess who won? ME! 

Please be sure to check out her blog and her page. 
Her family is precious! :)

Thanks again, Rachel! I love it so, so much!!!! 


A stroll around the block

This is most likely the last of my pics I'll share from my trip.
And actually, this whole set is from my bro's camera. The only one's I took are the ones with him in them. 


Molly girl was so sleepy! 

Precious mama and daughter.

I love this family pic. 

Milo the licking dog. I love this one too.

My brother's tat. And hello, veins!

Grammie and her grandbabies. :)

Molly hates the grass. She's learning some sweet yoga moves, though! :)

See how her leg is lifted in these? Too funny.


Mamas and their babes.


Friday Highs.v27

Better late than never, right? :)

Definitely Molly girl swinging for the first time. I hope this weekend we can take her to the park so that Chris can see first hand the sheer delight she experiences. :)


On one of our walks this week, I kicked a rock and Molly girl found it hilarious. So hilarious, in fact, that I kicked it the whole way home. Anything to hear that precious laugh.


One morning this week Chris and I went in to get Molly out of bed and she was holding her bunny, which she then proceeded to kiss. I kid you not. She kissed her bunny. It was just the sweetest thing.

And let me just say, should she decide to make this bunny her official "lovey", I'd better start saving to buy a backup. (I'm not sure if that link will stay, so if not, let me just tell you the bid is at $70 right now. SEVENTY DOLLARS, people.)


Discovering goofy pictures on my camera. 
Thank you, brother. 

And yes, I just posted a picture of your foot on my blog.


My first two sales in my shop. Hooray!


A few weeks ago, some friends gathered and we made pancakes, eggs, and potatoes for dinner. While we girls were finishing up our craft projects, the guys went to the grocery store and our friend Travis wore Molly in the sling. How adorable is this??


A mini trip to the park

We had a little bit of time to kill before a half-off sale at a kid's consignment sale (major score!), so we stopped at this little park. The girls enjoyed swinging (as did Grammie!), but the slide, not so much. :)

photo credit- my bro, who doesn't have a link. :(

This is called, Molly won't put her feet down.


A trip to IKEA

A pre-IKEA picnic.

Looks like a spaceship, right?

Marlee cheezin' for her daddy.

What a sweet smile.

Molly testing out the bed I want to buy her. 
(Here's what I want to do with it.)

My good lookin' bro.

Grammie and Aunt Shelly help Molly down the slide.

And lastly, I am totally and completely crushing on this duvet cover...


A Shopping Trip

I'm back from my trip, which was beyond wonderful. 
Which also means I have gobs of pictures to share. 
Which you don't mind, do you?? :)

Great, so first up, our shopping trip to this fun place that has all sorts of antiques, homemade goods, and other random things.

My beautiful mom and baby girl.

Her first time on a rocking horse.

Loved this old cradle with Raggedy Ann and Andy.

Chris said, "that looks like something you'd make." HAHA.

My sweet girl. 


Sweet Girl

Molly girl swinging for the first time today.
She loved it. :)