bed. bed. BED!!!!

I could literally pass out from excitement right now. I just have to share with someone.

I found this image on pinterest the other day and immediately fell in love with it. I even told Chris--I need to find someone to build this bed for Molly when she is big enough to sleep in a big girl bed. 

See what I mean? Is it not amazing??

Well guess what? (cue bells and whistles)

That means this is totally feasible. 

Oh, the possibilities....

Thanks for sharing in my small burst of excitement. *grin*


  1. Awwww now I'm wishing my girls were little again!! ... and that there was an Ikea closer than 200 miles away.

  2. isn't ikea the best? super cute. Oh and pinterest...dont get me started! haha

  3. I posted IKEA on my pinterest because I L.O.V.E IKEA too!