God is so good. Don't ever forget it. 

We've known since I got pregnant with Molly that we'd have to move out when our lease ended. We're in a one bedroom apartment, and while I don't mind sharing rooms now (I actually really like it) we eventually want to move her to her own room. 

We looked all around and took SO much into consideration (location, money, driving distances to friends, church, and work) and nothing seemed to be working out. I kept saying this whole time how I just don't want to move...where we're at just feels like home. 

Well guess what? What we thought was a closed door just swung WIDE open. We're moving to two bedroom in our same complex. Our home will be practically identical, just with an added bedroom for our Molly girl. All for about $5 less than we're paying now. 

Can I get a Praise the Lord?!

So the next 10 days are going to be crazy busy, but we're so excited.

I'll leave you with some pics from the day we moved here from Nashville...

look how little Zoe is!

our first meal back in Ohio: Donatos. Mmmm....

Super, super, super tired, but excited to be back in OHIO.


  1. wooo :) if you need help Amy let me know!!! Good luck with packing!

  2. Wow... Amy! That is SO incredible!!! I am praising the Lord with you!!!! :-) Want me to come visit and bring your green chair? ;-) Love you!!!!