Friday Highs.v6

Sorry for the lack of posting! My laziness meant that we did not get internet hooked up in our new place until yesterday afternoon. But we're all settled now...only a few boxes left to unpack. 

Some highs from the week:

Chris woke up early one morning and spent some time with Molly while I slept (thank you, babe!!). He changed her diaper, but apparently didn't feel like snapping her jammies back up....

We went out for ice cream one night and right when we were getting ready to leave, it started pouring. Chris ran out to unlock the car, and I waited, then darted out with Molly. I think the people inside thought I was crazy. When we got in the car, Molly paused, her eyes bugged out, then she burst into tears. Guess it took her a second to realize what just hit her! Her first experience in the pouring rain. *grin* 

Anyway, she fell asleep on the way home, and I couldn't resist snapping a picture of her curly hair...

Speaking of Molly's hair, we tried her first ponytail. 
She was not a fan....

Wow, all of these are about Molly. I can't help it. She makes my heart swell with happiness.

But I haven't forgot about my little furbaby. Here's how she relaxed on our back porch earlier...

And finally, skyping with Marlee last night. What a JOY.

Happy weekend, friends!

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