well folks....

Chris and I are expecting a baby next MAY!!! We are going to be people parents, not just doggie parents, and we're totally stoked about it. I'm almost 15 week along (yah 2nd tri!!), for those that are wondering, so we've known for a while. No baby bump to show yet, but once there's any bit of something, I'll snap a pic and show ya'll.

So I have to share this funny story....
Chris was pretty skeptical of this test (even though that is a dark pink test line, if I've ever seen one!), so I actually took three tests. Well, those of you who know Chris won't be surprised by the fact that HE wanted to take one of the tests. My last one was from the Dollar Tree, so only a dollar. And if that's what it takes to proove it to him, fine. Well of course, there was only one line. DUH. So I went about my business, whatever I was doing, and then like, 10-15 minutes later he looked at the test and was like, "Oh my gosh, babe! There are two lines, I am not even kidding!" Sure enough, I look and there was a second line, only it was like, dark gray. I, however, immediately dismissed it as an evaporation line (what the test line turns into if you look at it outside of the correct time frame). I’m not stupid :) Anyway, later that night before we were going to bed, he confessed to me that he drew that line on with a sharpie.

Yes, that is my man and the father to my unborn child. I love him to death. *grin*


Rag Rug

This is one project that took a loooong time, but I am so glad I pressed on and finished it. I made this from three twin sheets, two of which were the same pattern. (Amazingly, I found those two matching ones at two separate thrift stores!) I just have to show you a close up, because I love the yellow pattern so much...

So here it is, two-thirds finished. I cut the sheets in strips about 1.5 inches to make "yarn", then crochet it all together with a large hook. I think a lot of rag rugs are done using a different technique--not necessarily crocheted--but those result in a circle rug, and I wanted a rectangle.

Here's the end result, displayed in front of my kitchen sink! Best thing about these rugs is, the more you wash them, the softer they get over time. Cool huh?
I'm so happy with how it turned out :)


Livy's Letters

My wonderful friend Lauren has a baby. Her name is Livy. She turned one a couple of weeks ago. I seriously can't believe it's been a year already since she was born.

This baby girl is such a genius that she already knows her vowels. Yeah, mmm hmm. So I thought I'd make her some softie fabric letters to help her learn the rest of the alphabet :)
I used Jessica's pattern for the rag rug quilted letters from over at Happy Together. If you haven't checked out her blog, you totally should. She's got tons of awesome tutorials.

Happy Birthday, sweet Livy!! I love you!


while he was out...

this is what kept me busy. well, one of the things, at least :)

autumn thank you cards for a friend. i made twenty! i do realize the text is backwards....chris took his camera on his trip, so hopefully he'll come back with some good pictures of the west coast!! for now, an iphoto...

my thankful list for today:
-Chris is coming home! t-minus 1 hour...
-Christmas decorations are up, and we're setting up the tree tomorrow!
-Got to see my family this past weekend which was so wonderful. i love you guys!
-the life of Chris' Uncle Warner who passed last week. What a man of God. We're praying his witness and testimony will be used to touch lives!
-yummy teavana tea. so delicious and full of flavor.
-free $10 at kohls--no strings attached.
-thanksgiving is this week! that means family and good food :)

what are you thankful for??


because i miss him...

i will look at pictures from the past and smile because i love him so so much :)

prom alternative- junior year. we had been dating for maybe a month. can you sense the ackwardness?? haha, i love it.

prom alternative- senior year. much better. we match- so cute :)

aquire the fire. chris ripped his pants in a very unfortunate spot. i sewed them up with my emergency sewing kit, but he ripped them open again. from here on out he teased me that i wasn't a very good sewer...

sophomore year of college-singing karaoke at a jazz band party.

junior year of college- chris moves to nashville. i think this picture is from valentine's day.

rehearsal dinner for our wedding. so happy. :)

basically, i really like him. thanks for letting me indulge :)