while he was out...

this is what kept me busy. well, one of the things, at least :)

autumn thank you cards for a friend. i made twenty! i do realize the text is backwards....chris took his camera on his trip, so hopefully he'll come back with some good pictures of the west coast!! for now, an iphoto...

my thankful list for today:
-Chris is coming home! t-minus 1 hour...
-Christmas decorations are up, and we're setting up the tree tomorrow!
-Got to see my family this past weekend which was so wonderful. i love you guys!
-the life of Chris' Uncle Warner who passed last week. What a man of God. We're praying his witness and testimony will be used to touch lives!
-yummy teavana tea. so delicious and full of flavor.
-free $10 at kohls--no strings attached.
-thanksgiving is this week! that means family and good food :)

what are you thankful for??


  1. Dude Amy!
    Khols keeps sending me those 10 dollar cards MONTHLY!! WE've gotten 50.00 in free toddler stuff for owen over the past 5 months. It ROCKS.

    We need to set up a date! :) Lets meet half way sometime!!!

  2. amers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! those thank you cards are soooop cute! i'm obsessed. did you cut and make all of the pieces yourself? i've been really into making thank you cards lately.

    and you and chris are sooo in love. i love it!

  3. Lauren- that is so awesome!! I love that there's no catch- no amount you have to spend in order to get that. why do we even get those? no complaints...it's awesome! and YES- we definitely need to meet halfway. ahhh, we miss you guys so much!

    Ky- Thanks!!! yes, I cut the pieces from felt. I used a pattern for the big leaves, but the other things I just kind went for it. Also, I sewed the lines on the pumpkin with my sewing machine. have an awesome time with Paul's family!