Friday Highs.v28

New followers. I seriously get so giddy when I see even just ONE new person that is following my blog. :) 


Remember me saying that Molly's hair is starting to turn red at the roots? I finally caught a good picture...


Date Night with my man. Always a good thing.


Did I mention that I won another giveaway? How does a girl go not winning anything her whole life, and then win two giveaways in a matter of a couple of weeks? Who knows. 

Anyway, the lovely Shelby sent me this scarf. 
Isn't it b-e-a-u-tiful?

That is all for now. Busy day ahead. 
Happy Weekend, friends!


  1. That scarf is just so you! I wish I could wear the scarfs like that but I can never seem to pair it with the right outfit.

  2. yay!!! So happy you got the scarf- you are super cute and sweet! Cute blog!!