My brother's wife pretty much rocks. I seriously could not have chosen a better spouse for him. Hang out with them for 10 minutes, and you'll quickly realize they are the best of friends. 

(*quickly wipe away tear*)

 Moving on. A bit about her:

She's funny...

Amazing mama to Marlee...

Photo credit: my bro. Get a blog or something so I can give you better credit. Just teasing. :) :)

I love how excited she was to get her Toms.

She puts up with my brother... (love you, edo!)

And many more awesome things. 

Anyway, her birthday is TODAY!!!! 

Happy, Happy, Birthday Shelly! I love you SO much and hope your day is fabulous! :)

And a couple of nifty details...

1- We were all together (minus Chris--boo!) a couple of weeks ago. So we threw her a little surprise celebration. 

2- She has just recently taken up sewing. So you know that meant I had to make her a few little goodies to help get her started. 

I used this tutorial for the pincushion and this tutorial for the needle book. 

I have to say, I'm pretty excited with how they turned out, so I thought I'd share. 

the inside pages:

Again, Happy Birthday Shelly! Love you!! :)


  1. love it! that needle book is amaing!! i wanna make it!

  2. I love you Amy Michelle!! Thanks for the AMAZING birthday gifts!! I had such a good time with you and Molly (wish Chris could have been with us)!! Can't wait to see you all again!! :)