Date Night

Last weekend, Chris and I got to go on a date. Our third one since we were given the title "Parents."

Since it's not all that common of an occasion, I decided to document it well. Please enjoy as I share our evening. :)

As you already know, I got dressed up.

We drove around wasting gas looking for a place to eat.
How had I never noticed the Honorary Dave Thomas Boulevard?
*Quick pause to reminisce that I babysat his grandkids when I was in high school.*

So weird being in the car alone!
We settled on Easy Street Cafe. Very delicious.

Next, we stopped into the pet store to see the puppies. This little Italian Greyhound kinda stole our hearts. But we were smart enough not to give into the temptation to take her home.

We quickly stopped in Old Navy and were tempted to buy everything. (And yes, that last link is the entire baby girl Easter line)

What date would be complete without ice cream? We chose Jeni's- the absolute best in central Ohio. If you haven't been, stop what you're doing RIGHT NOW and go. You won't be disappointed.

Chris's Sundae--Pineapple Upside Down Cake. 
(sidenote: their homemade whipped cream is out of this world!)

And that was it! We came home to a peacefully sleeping babe and heard she had tons of fun with Grandma. Thanks again to Chris's mom who watched her. We are extremely grateful!!


  1. awesome. i love you guys. i didn't know you baby sat dave thomas's grandkids?? did you know that dave thomas tried to go into business with my papaw powers?!? yep, my papaw said, 'no thanks, i have my own painting business'. hahaha. could've had my college paid for, but oh well.

  2. um you guys are super adorable. great job getting out together alone! so important. and i have those same boots! best boots ever, huh?? hope the mommyhood is going well and that you're finding some routine these days. take care.