Journaling & Blogging

*note to husband--please may I have this journal
 when my current one is filled up? Maybe for my birthday??*

Do you journal?
I journal. On and off. I go in spurts. 

Right now, my journaling looks different than it used to. 
I don't have quite as much time (or rather, I choose to fill my time with different things), so journaling now consists of a lot more bullet points and not so much complete, eloquent sentences. 

This morning I was reading through entries I wrote in 2007. By the way, how in the heck was that FIVE years ago?! Gosh. I'm in the camp that still thinks that Y2K was only a couple of years ago. Geesh.

Anyway, one of my favorite parts of journaling is going back through and reading. And to be quite honest, it's a lot of what keeps me journaling. I absolutely love looking back, seeing where I've come. What struggles I've gone through. Where the Lord has brought me. What He has taught me. 

And I guess that's kind of how I view my blog. It's my story. My family's story. Something that I and we will be able to look back through. See how we've grown, what's changed, what's remained the same. 

I don't ever want to forget that. I don't want my reasons to change. 

I guess I share all this with the world wide web so that you all know that this is a story about me and my family. 

If you're interested, then great. Follow me and keep on reading.

If you're not, that's completely fine too. I'm just going to keep on writing about what I love. :)

Happy Monday, my friends!


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