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Four Year Date Night Anniversary

Thank you, Chelsea, for watching our sweet babe.

It just so happened that our ultrasound to see peanut #2 was that morning, so we celebrated our marriage and our healthy second child at none other than J. Alexanders! Mmmm. That place holds a special place in our hearts. :)

cherry sprite. they make it the best.

Afterwards, we came home and reminisced about our relationship/marriage. My favorite part was watching our engagement video. Chris had some of our best friends take part, which was SO special. Kylee had the video rolling not only through the actual proposal, but for about 20 minutes or so after. Just a little bit shocking to me was how extremely high strung I was. (Am I still?!!?) Oh. My. Goodness. 

Anyway, just thought I'd share a few pictures of that wonderful night.

These guys sang a song while Chris and I danced. (they were sort of in hiding though...I didn't realize it was them until halfway through!)

These ladies completely lied to me at Starbucks a couple of hours beforehand while Chris was at my parents asking my dad for permission. Yes, he asked my dad only hours before. :) 
Great job keeping the secret, girls, seriously!

He finally asked me!! I waited my whole entire freaking life for this! 

And now we've been married for FOUR years. And we have a child. And another one on the way. And we're going to buy a house. I am so incredibly blessed to have such an amazing life partner. 
I'll love forever, babe. 


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  1. WHAT a happy post! This is so sweet and Happy Anniversary!

    P.S. Buying a house is SO FUN