a dolly for Molly

Just because I needed to add ONE MORE project to my list of Christmas presents...haha....I decided a couple of weeks ago to make a doll for my baby girl. I know she's not quite of doll-playing age, but here was my thinking:

I would LOVE for it to be a tradition to make her a doll each Christmas. Hopefully each year they will get a bit more intricate, and hopefully each doll will encompass something about her from that year. 

For example, this year I was going to add shoes, but decided to pass because Molly doesn't wear shoes yet. Also, I went with pigtails and a bow, because lately Molly has been wearing her hair in pigtails a lot, and she almost always has a bow in her hair! :) :) because it's her choice and all :P

I hope this is a tradition Molly grows up loving, at least for a while. Maybe when she gets too old to play with dolls, I'll replace it with something else. 
Or not! Who knows?!

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