Friday Highs.v16

Looking through old photos is awesome, dontcha think?

I love that photos capture memories, and looking back through them can stir all kinds of emotions--a true high.

I couldn't help but share this series of photos. Apparently we were crazy about the self timer. 

Chelsea, myself, and Kylee, circa 2006.

Love you both SO much.


  1. I can only imagine the conversations that brought all these pictures about. Also I want that tan back! Thanks for sharing those. They made me very happy. Love you and old memories.Love you too Kylee. Hope I get to see you soon!

  2. Agreed about the old photos thing! I found an old photo of Kara and I circa 2007 that I sent her a few weeks ago and it was a great way to reconnect. I've got some old ones with you too :) Still thanking God everyday that you were eavesdropping at the coffee shop back in the spring of 2007 :)

  3. haha!! I love this!! So fun! Love each of you girls!

  4. haaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahaha. we need another shoot like that. maybe in 2016... every 10years.