Friday Highs.v15

Drinking my morning coffee out of my favorite Christmas mug!

This moment from Monday night. Molly had her 6 month shots earlier that day and was extremely fussy. She finally calmed down and snuggled me. Can I please just freeze time and make this last forever!?

Molly girl is trying some new food, and it is unbelievably fun to watch her reactions. Sometimes she gags, most times she just makes a goofy face. This particular day, she was trying carrots, and despite the look on her face here, she hated them.

Lookee, lookee what we got. (It's a Vitamix, if you don't know) 
Our early Christmas present from me to him, him to me. 
Happy smoothie making from here on out!

Thank you, Granny, for this picture!

Molly and Marlee met for the first time!! It was so precious. I can't wait until these two can interact. It will be so much fun!! 

That's it! Happy weekend, everybody!

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