Friday Highs.v23

This face...

A few days ago, Chris and I went into her room when she woke up and sang "Good Morning to You." She just stood in her crib and smiled and bopped to our song. :)

We always hold hands and pray before we eat our meals. Usually I gently take Molly's hand but I don't force anything. This past week, I laid my hand on her tray, and she reached out and grabbed my hand for the entire prayer. :)

Last night (after a week and a half of rough nights) she slept beautifully. 
Thank you, child. Please continue this practice.

And....she climbs. Proof: 

Grammie and Molly reading stories.

Our taxes are done (refund- yah!) and our new computer is on it's way. 
(I've heard it said, once you go Mac, you never go back. Anyone agree?)

I just thought this was too funny not to share. image found via weheartit

The best love day ever. A night in with my man. And our colossal cookie to share.

My cup of coffee this morning was steaming. And the birds were chirping. 
These Friday Highs, people.....they're about finding joy in the simple things. They're about pausing in our day to soak in the beauty of this life. :)

Happy Weekend, friends!

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  1. you hyped up mac and so I caved in, now I'll never go back I love you so much for that!!!