Just wanted to share a few links today...

Did you know that when you comment, I can't reply to you through email unless your e-mail address is enabled in your account? This issue has happened to me twice this week, so I thought I'd pass along a quick easy, solution. Check out Leslie's post here on how to quickly make this right. (You should also stay on her blog and read some of her posts...just sayin.)
Then leave me a comment and I'll test it out for ya!! *grin*


As I'm on the brink of opening my Etsy shop, I can totally relate to Kendra's feelings she writes about here in regard to her shop. (Also, I hear ya, girl, on the nailbiting!)


I know Google is soon getting rid of Friend Connect, but from what I've researched it'll still be around for those on blogger (which I am). Therefore, let me direct you here, where Casey explains why following is important


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