God answers prayers.

image found via google search; credit.

There is a part of me that hesitates to share this for fear of how it may come across. (Because ya know, it's difficult to sense tone in writing) But I cannot look past how God answered my prayers yesterday.

As a part of pastor's appreciation, people around the church bring the pastors a dessert on a Sunday every couple of months. (It's weird to consider myself a pastor. I'd prefer "worship leader".)

For this, I am extremely grateful.

But if I'm going to be honest, there has been a small part of me that has wondered why it couldn't be breakfast. Maybe it's just that not everybody sees how busy our Sunday mornings really are (especially now with a kid) and how breakfast is often the last thing on our minds as we're scrambling out the door. 

Anyway, so yesterday morning on our way to church, I reminded Chris that this was a Sunday that we would get dessert. And in a brief moment of selfishness, I asked God if he could please lay it on the person's heart to bring us breakfast instead of dessert. (Mind you, I have no clue who it is that brings us this). 

I'll admit--it was a bit of a fleece moment.

Anyway, we show up to church and Chris's mom had brought us donuts. I couldn't help but somewhat chuckle as I thanked God for answering my prayer, even if it was in a different way than I thought. 

But it doesn't end there. 

Our day goes on, we get our dessert, get home, open it up and it's banana bread. (Covered in frosting and pecans! Delicious!) But I don't really give a second thought to it.

After evening service we went over to our friend's house and had pizza and they shared their dessert (They're pastor's too.) And as we're leaving, I mention that our dessert was banana bread. To which my friend lovingly replies....

"Amy, that is breakfast."


  1. How sweet is our God?! He cares about the big and little details. Thanks for sharing this! Love you girl!