ruffle pillow

this morning during my set aside craft time (yes, i have to plan out my saturdays so that i actually get chores done) i was inspired by rachel's ruffle bib to make my couch a spring-y ruffle pillow. 
First, the pillow:

it's linen with a vintage pillow case as the ruffle and on the back too. 

Now to the dirty business: 
let's just say i like to keep things. i'm a borderline horder, i'm not afraid to say it. so here's my pile of scraps. this includes threads and the smallest of fabric pieces. (i save the larger scrap pieces in a different pile) but this is everything. i rarely throw anything away. i also might note that those are dryer sheets in the bag. ridiculous? yeah maybe. but this is what stuffed my pillow. eco-friendly and frugal, no? *grin* 

happy saturday everyone!

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