it was zoe's birthday.

and we threw her a party, cake and all.  i even made her a party hat.

anyone remember when we first got her?  the potty thing was rough, but we're pretty much past it and i'm so glad we kept her.  i seriously cannot imagine her not a part of our lives. it might sound crazy but there are many times where i just thank the Lord for her and how much joy she brings Chris and I.  

and now, a glance through her sweet little puppy life...

ride home from Smyrna.

playin with daddy (look how small she was!)

first time meeting cousin Milo.

pillow love

thanksgiving with her cone.

 and her first christmas.

a discovered love for this blanket. she always wants to be snuggled under this.

so there ya have it! our one year old puppy. happy birthday zoe!!!

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  1. crazy amy... it doesn't seem like it's been a whole year since you got zoe!! :) i hope i'll get to visit her again soon!! AND!!! NICE WORK on the skinny jeans!!! :) i LOVE looking at things you've been making!! :)

    also... you should check out ryan and my blog... we put up some pictures of our dog too!! :)

    i love you!!
    -kara joy