meet zoe

*originally posted june 15th, 2009*

The latest addition to our family…Our one year anniversary gift to each other. As if we didn’t have enough change and growth in the first year, we brought this one on ourselves! Just kiddin…she’s a super fun puppy, full of energy but loves to cuddle. She’s totally a lap dog and if you take her off your lap and set her beside you, she’ll just crawl right back on. It’s so sweet. She’s done really well so far with strangers as well as other dogs, which I’m really happy about. Now the potty training and crate training…that’s all a different story. She seems to be so hit/miss with the whole potty thing. Like, two nights ago, she went potty for Chris every time he took her out, then last night she just peed in her crate. It’s frustrating, especially when we’ll take her out for like, 10 minutes, and then bring her in and within 2 minutes she’s peein on the floor! Ugh! But she is doing a lot better with crate training. The first few nights though were pretty rough. She’s got this high pitched whine/not quite a bark. Just like she’s letting us know that she’s not happy with the situation. She’s doing a lot better though, I mean, a lot. Last night I think she cried for maybe 15 minutes (if that!). I just have to keep telling myself, #1 she’s just a puppy (9 wks!), #2 this won’t last forever, and #3 it’ll be worth it in the end. *grin*
More later, I’d like to do a better job blogging more often. Not that anyone reads this…haha.

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  1. i read it!! :)
    i LOVE it!!
    i'm so excited you have a blog!
    and that puppy, little zoe, is CUTE!
    love you!!!