*originally posted february 19th, 2009*

So many people talk about change like it’s a bad thing. For a lot of people, change is uncomfortable–it’s fearful. I really don’t think change is that bad. There’s been a lot of it here in my life recently, and hopefully more to come. I can honestly say that I hope I change for the rest of my life. I think to be in a certain ‘place’ for too long of a period makes a person become the wrong kind of content. Don’t read that the wrong way– I believe that one needs to be content in the Lord, trusting him and understanding his perfect peace. But to be content in the sense of not welcoming positive change, not striving for more, not wanting to become better, that’s where I think that content can be damaging. Even if it’s not an extreme change, such as moving or changing jobs, I always want to be changing–growing in my walk with Jesus, improving life, the relationships I have with people, my health, etc. There is a l w a y s something that can change and be better. Just some thoughts….
Waiting is such a difficult thing…anyone? It seems like no matter what kind of waiting– good or bad, how long or short, it’s hard. Are we not an incredibly impatient people? I wish so bad that we could step out of our own realm and see life on God’s time table. I love the picture Francis Chan gives in his book Crazy Love (a great book!). In the whole span of eternity, my life is like a 2/5 of a second clip in a movie–I’m that person walking on the street in the city and all that you can see is that back of my head. Yep, that short, if not shorter. So I think God knows what he’s doing, as hard as it may seem to wait. But doesn’t it make you just want to see the whole movie, and maybe then everything would make sense?
Oh the Joy of following Him. : )


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