*originally posted june 25th, 2009*

I’ve been reading a lot of other people’s blogs lately. And I’ve come to find something. I really like pictures. I like words a lot too, and have been incredibly blessed by many bloggers. But there’s just something about pictures! So I thought as I went to write today, that I would provide some interesting pictures for you to view. *grin*
Meet water bottle.

Water bottle and I were good friends for approximately a year and a half. Despite the fact that this was an indian gift, no, I indian gave, no…..I took this back from someone I had previously given it to as a gift. (hahaha), water bottle and I had a deep connection. I probably filled her up five or six times a day. She kept me rejunvinated. She kept me motivated to drink a lot of water. I guess the least I could have done was given her a bath….


  1. omgosh!!! I have to clean my water bottle when I get to work! That is nasty!!! :o)

  2. ew. i hope you got a new one... and gave that one back to whoever you bought it for in the first place.