i love weddings

*originally posted may 1st, 2009*

seriously, I am in love them. I was looking through pics this morning of weddings from this past summer, remembering how beautiful everyone looked and wishing I could go back in time and relive each one of them. something changed in my excitement for others after I got married. I was even more excited for my friends getting married because I knew what they were about to experience. it’s a day full of energy, excitement, a few tears, and just, well, life. it’s a day you don’t want to end because it’s just that amazing.
the funny thing about weddings though, is how much time we spend in preparation for the whole shebang. think about it! engagement, wedding, honeymoon. all those princess events we spend sometimes up to a year planning for, all for a day, a week. and then life hits. real life. let me tell you, it hits. and then the marriage, it’s real. and the relationship, the friendship, it’s tested and hopefully strengthened. so why isn’t the preparation time switched? we spend maybe a few hours in premarital counseling to prepare for a lifetime of a marriage, but hours upon hours (upon hours, etc, haha) preparing for a day? don’t get me wrong, I mean, I did it too. but when you think about it, isn’t it just a little twisted?
ok ok, all that to say, I am so excited for the weddings over this next year. so excited. (sidenote: I’m not sure how good I am at writing, because I’m having a difficult time coming up with other words to express my excitement other than “so excited”) So all of ya’ll that have a wedding in the near future, here’s my unsolicited advice to you *grin: Enjoy your engagement. seriously, be excited to get married, but don’t just wish that it was here tomorrow. most likely, you’ll never be a fiancĂ© again, so soak it all in. Don’t let little details get your panties in a twist; keep the big picture in mind. in X amount of days, you’ll be married and that’s that. The brand of toilet paper in the restrooms is not going to matter. *grin Last piece of advice…enjoy your big day. most likely, it will fly by, so do your very best to soak every minute in, and take it slow!


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