month end close. ugh.

*originally psoted march 7th, 2009*

blessed to have a job, but soooo ready to move on. It’s Sautrday morning, and I’m getting ready to go to work. All day. Same thing tomorrow. What ever happened to that 8-5, 40 hour a week job? But I’m not complaining. Just, ummm, venting. *grin*
so the new “lifestyle” is going pretty well. Chris and I have been eating a ton healthier in the last month or so, pretty much eliminating fatty, starchy, super sugary food and replacing it with mainly fruit, vegetables, and whole grains (and chicken for Chris). Oh, and, we’ve been exercising for pretty much the first time since we’ve been married. For about the first seven months we were married, I could honestly probably count on one hand, no wait, make that two fingers, the numbers of times I exercised. Seriously. So needless to say, it feels a heck of a lot better to get into that routine and know that the foods I’m putting into my body are useful and serve a purpose. Then there’s nights like Thursday, where we both start craving ‘bad food’ as we call it, and we give in! Thursday night we had a feast of taco bell and pizza hut combined. Seriously, we sprawled it all out on the coffee table and just attacked it!!! But let me tell you, after eating such healthy, light, food for such a long time, the ‘bad food’ just sits so heavy!! So we’re learning, slowly but surely. I keep saying that if we don’t let ourselves ‘cheat’ every once in a while, this whole lifestyle is just going to turn into a diet, which we don’t want. Also can I say (last thing, I promise) that this is so much easier to do with someone else! Ok, ok, I’m done talking about nutrition and health and all that….
Well, I finished The Shack. Final verdict? A very powerful novel. If anyone has ever experienced heartbreak, loss, and has a long list of questions of why such a loving God would allow those things to happen, this is the book for them. It is an awesome visual of the relationship that the Trinity has, and to see the relationship that each wants with us. Here’s my main reservation: If you’ve heard anything about the book, you’ve probably heard that it’s about how much God loves us. verrrry true. God is love, everything about Him and about the way he acts. It’s all love. No denying that. But, here’s what I want us to remember. The God we serve is also a holy God who calls us to holy living. And honestly, the two can go hand-in-hand in a really beautiful way. Think about it, God loves us in such a way that basically all we can do is love him back. In our response of love, we want to serve him, glorify him, praise him for who he is and what he’s done in our live (picture: holiness).
All in all, a great book. My next one: Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell. (That is, if I can read the whole thing before it’s due back at the library)
Well people, work is calling. More later, hopefully soon.


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